Overview of NeoAxis Engine

NeoAxis Engine is a versatile real-time platform for making 3D, 2D games and apps.


The platform is intended to develop all kinds of 3D and 2D projects such as computer games, simulators, visual trainers, VR systems and to develop apps with rich graphics.


Key features:

  • The most open and powerful real-time .NET development platform.
  • Modern rendering system to get maximum performance from GPU.
  • A complete suite of development tools for real-time 3D project creators.
  • Open for the integration of third-party services and stores.

Built-in C# and Visual Scripting

  • The basic part of the engine and game logic components are written in C# without using interlanguage wrappers. Native code is only used for low-level parts like rendering, physics and sound. In combination with the provided source code for free, you can write and debug the code most efficiently.
  • NeoAxis editor includes built-in C# editor, that is greatly simplifies scripting. You can create event handlers for the scene and other objects directly in the environment, does not waste time to link.

    Learn more about the scripting.

  • Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code support.
  • Visual scripting.
  • Advanced object type creation capabilities.

Mobile Developers

  • Source code of the engine is provided for free.
  • Xamarin based SDK for Android. iOS support will added soon.
  • Built-in resolution upscale and rendering optimizations allow you to get the most from any device.
  • Easy to build, run and debug.
  • Huge amount of samples in the SDK.

Powered by NeoAxis Render Pipeline (NRP)

  • NeoAxis Levels is a system of virtualized geometry rendering to get the best performance from GPU.
  • One versatile rendering pipeline optimized for PC and mobile.

Nature Creation

Integration of Stores and External Tools

Game Framework with Networking Support

NeoAxis includes a rich set of well-integrated components for creating 3D and 2D game logic of the project.

Advanced Object Type Creation Capabilities

The architecture of the engine allows you to work with object types at an advanced level. You can create complex objects, then use it as types.

2D Game Engine

A complete set of tools for 2D game development. Game framework, physics, characters, interactive elements, sensors, camera control.

Specialized Industrial Kit and Constructors

The extensive solution for easily and fast making industrial real-time 3D environments. The kit allows you to create complex scenes in a minimum of time, thanks to the large number of constructors inside.

Samples and Tutorials

The SDK comes with a wide range of demo scenes, including large complex scenes as well as small examples. You can start learning NeoAxis from a Player app.

Get Started Tutorial