• Icons for screen labels (Light, Camera, etc). The ability to configure visual settings of the labels.
  • Various improvements to the editor for more intuitive creation of base objects.
  • Render To File component. A tool for rendering a scene to a file.
  • Fog was fixed.
  • ..


  • Resource images preview.
  • Liquid Volume component.
  • Cut Volume component. The component to clip geometry by volume in real-time.
  • Screen Space Reflection effect has been improved and optimized.
  • Text 2D component has been improved. Back rectangle, easier to manage in the editor.
  • Posterize screen effect.
  • Pixelate screen effect.
  • Chromatic aberration screen effect.
  • Edge detection screen effect. By depth, by normals.
  • Measuring tool component.
  • Working with auto hided windows has been improved.
  • Show render target screen effect: the ability to visualize shadow maps.


  • Android support.
  • UITabControl.
  • UIContextMenu.
  • UITooltip.
  • UIToolbar.
  • UIButton: Image support.
  • Skybox: A tool to easy import HDR files.
  • Curve In Space: RoundedLine curve type support.
  • Creation material dialog: The tool for auto tuning textures in the folder when material created.
  • Ctrl+A support for text boxes (Select all).
  • Optimization: Much faster initialization of mesh collision shapes.


  • Switch to .NET Core 3.1 from .NET Framework 4.6. It works faster. Now you can easy upgrade your project to latest .NET as example to .NET 5.0.
  • Support for Visual Studio Code, Rider and other C# IDEs.
  • More polished GUI of the editor. Made very big amount of improvements and fixes.
  • Much better performance of the engine and the editor.
  • Better compilation support for built-in editor Project.csproj when run NeoAxis Player while the editor is loaded.
  • UWP build support has been simplified.
  • The examples of creation add-ons for the editor now available in Assets\Samples\Addons.
  • The template for window app creation has been added to the Launcher.
  • Component classes have been updated for better cross-platform support. System.Windows.Form.dll, System.Drawing.dll now are not used by the project DLLs (NeoAxis.CoreExtension.dll, Project.dll, add-ons).
  • NeoAxis.Core.dll now has no references to another DLLs. It made easier to manage references for libraries because need just one reference to core DLL.


  • Royalty-free platform with source code provided.
  • Set of sample add-ons in the Assets Store.
  • Support for localization of the editor. Russian localization.
  • Particles: Multi-threading optimization.
  • New scene: Manual skeleton control.scene.
  • Rendering pipeline: The ability to disable HDR rendering.
  • Rendering pipeline: The ability to disable using multi render targets (MRT).
  • UI: The ability to make modal windows.
  • The ability to configure app window settings. Window state, size.
  • C# editor: Go To Definition.
  • Camera Management component. The component is intended to configure a camera behavior.
  • Close document window by Ctrl+F4.
  • Bug fix: Mouse relative mode is not works in WFP, WinForms apps.
  • Bug fix: Combo box works wrong with the controls which behind the list.
  • Bug fix: Invalid behavior of mouse wheel for properties control when the control of covered by another form.


  • Faster the engine and the editor loading.
  • Better import of 3D models. Assimp has been upgraded to 5.0. Also now you can read custom data from 3D models.
  • Joysticks and special devices support has been added. 'Spaceship control 2D.scene' has a joystick support.
  • C# editor: The ability to add code of a property for a component class. Use "Add Property" command in the Scripting tab.
  • C# editor: The ability to rebuild solution.
  • C# editor: Context menu has been upgraded.
  • C# editor: The ability to hide quick actions.
  • Bug fix: Error screen notification is not red when the dark scene is enabled.
  • Bug fix: New object window: Unable to create C# class for some types.


  • Dark theme.
  • The editor's UI has been more polished.
  • Bug fix: Build for UWP is not works when file caching is disabled.


  • Package manager has been improved.
  • The ability to configure Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and shortcut keys.
  • The ability to configure colors for C# editor, shader editor and text editor.
  • Tips window has been improved.
  • The ribbon has been polished for various screen sizes.
  • The management of floating windows has been improved.
  • Building a product has been improved. More build options have been added.
  • Big amount small improvements of editor GUI.
  • Bug fix: Unable to clone terrain.
  • Bug fix: Unable to activate C# filtering mode in the Resources window.
  • Bug fix: Unable to create primitives by the brush to the group of objects.
  • Bug fix: The windows docking can crash on 'Close All But This' action.
  • Bug fix: Broken rendering on on-board Intel GPUs.
  • Bug fix: The rattling effect of motion blur at the beginning of the scene simulation.


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  • Builder 3D has been improved. Mesh modifier support and the ability to use paint layers have been added. Also made various improvements and fixes.
  • Primitives: Polygon based polyhedron, a mesh geometry in the form of polyhedron generated by thickening a polygon.
  • Terrain: Holes, LODs.
  • UISlider.
  • UICombo.
  • UIGrid.
  • Game framework: Interactive objects support in the first and third camera mode. Button, Regulator Switch objects have been added.
  • Mesh paint layers have been added. This feature gives the ability to add masked layers on top of a base material.
  • Paint Layer: Color property. The base color and opacity multiplier.
  • Material: UseVertexColor parameter. Whether to use vertex color for Base Color and Opacity calculation.
  • Editor: The ability to disable animation of windows auto-hiding.
  • Build: The ability to configure which resources must be included in the final build. Filtering the Assets folder, option to include shader cache, option to include the cache of auto-compressed images.
  • 2D: Ray casts, contact casts.
  • 2D: Constraints.
  • 2D: Sensor 2D.
  • 2D: Capsule shape 2D.
  • 2D: Destroying Sensor 2D.
  • 2D: Transform tool has been improved for 2D mode.
  • "First person" scene template.
  • Text 2D. A scene object displaying 2D text on the screen.
  • Component Host. An object to manage a hierarchy of components. For example, using this object, you can load an additional scene inside another scene.
  • Render Target In Space. The component intended to manage and display render target in the scene.
  • Camera: Rendering Pipeline Override property. The ability to replace default rendering pipeline of the scene.
  • UIRenderTarget. UI control with a render target.
  • Scene Editor: Camera preview.
  • Physics: Rigid Body: The ability to get and display collision contacts between bodies. ContactsCollect, ContactsDisplay properties.
  • Character: Scaling support.
  • Bug fix: Physics: Continuous collision detection was never enabled.
  • Bug fix: Builder 3D: 'OK', 'Cancel' buttons are not visible in the Set color dialog. Alternatively, you can change the color by means Color property of the object.
  • Optimization: Physics: Improved work with a large number of physical objects in the scene. Inactive bodies and constraints now demands much less processor time.


  • Game framework. Managing characters, various types of cameras, a set of more specialized game objects. The ability to configure game mode, camera type in the editor. First person camera, third person camera, free camera are supported.
  • 2D game engine. 2D physics, sprites, tools, demo scenes. 2D game engine is implemented as extension for NeoAxis.
  • Character component. The set of classes and tools for creation characters.
  • Particles.
  • Terrain paint layers.
  • Primitives have been added: Arch, Door, Pipe, Prism, Stairs, Torus.
  • Builder 3D has been improved.
  • Optimization: GPU instancing for transparent objects.
  • NeoAxis Baking: The ability to disable compression of archive. That makes loading baked resources faster.
  • The ability to set color multiplier for decals in the scene.
  • Add Collision: Convex mode has been added.
  • Surface Area has been added. The object represents an area that filled by surface. An object is used to automatically fill with a large number of objects in a given area.
  • Bug fix: Invalid management of Color property of meshes and billboards with enabled GPU instancing.


  • Player: Display background scene option.
  • Bug fix: Unable to run on some PC.
  • Bug fix: C# scripts: Stack overflow crash when use by reference parameters in the event handler.
  • Bug fix: C# scripts: Event handler method code generator works bad with nested types and parameters by reference.


  • NeoAxis Baking file. Baking file give the ability to make asset archive which works only in the engine and cannot be read by another dev tools. This can be used to preserve the original content from unwanted distribution and to create a set of assets in a single compact file. The tool is available in the Tools tab of the Ribbon. Manual
  • The ability to set color multiplier for meshes and billboards in the scene.
  • Null rendering system backend. Project\Binaries\NeoAxis.DefaultSettings.config.


  • API of the engine and the editor have been updated. Now they are considered complete.
  • Terrain.
  • Builder 3D. Fast level creation tools, 3D modeling tools, constructive solid geometry operations.
  • Three ways to create objects in the scene are now available: Drag & Drop, By Click, By Brush.
  • Tools for creation a huge amount of objects.
  • Surface component. A definition of surface type which contains material, set of meshes and other objects. Surfaces are used for painting and object creation by means brush.
  • Group Of Objects component. An object in a scene designed to store and display a large number of similar objects.
  • Decals.
  • Material: Advanced blending. The ability to configure which channels to write to the G-Buffer. Used for decals.
  • Per-object motion blur.
  • Smooth LOD transition.
  • Area component. Represents an area in space defined by the set of points.
  • Layers in the scene.
  • Package manager has been added.
  • Support for creating a build for the target platform has been improved. Now scripts and engine add-ons are supported. The process of creating a build is simplified. The page about build in manual has been added.
  • Build for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) has been improved.
  • Engine DLL assemblies management has been improved. Now unnecessary assemblies are not loaded into the simulation, thereby reducing the load on garbage collector.
  • C# Editor: Work with CS files has been improved. Now changes are synchronized between files. Now there are no invalid warning markers.
  • C# Editor: The ability to customize the visibility of markers has been added.
  • Occlusion query API has been added.
  • Lens flares now use occlusion queries to detect visibility on the screen.
  • Lens flares now appear and disappear smoothly.
  • The ability to change video mode, fullscreen mode, vertical sync in the player app.
  • Editor: Tool tips for events.
  • Editor: Many small fixes.
  • Material Editor: Access to TexCoord 2 and 3 from the shader editor.
  • Material Editor: DitherBlending function.
  • Objects Window: Search.
  • Scene Editor: Select same objects in sphere area by mouse double click.
  • Vignetting screen effect: Noise.
  • Bug fix: Physics: No collision between soft bodies and rigid mesh shapes.
  • Bug fix: Scene Editor: Unable to detach the object when it contains collision body.
  • Bug fix: Screen Space Reflection effect fixed.


  • Import 3D models: Auto binding textures for materials. Quixel Megascans format support.
  • Mesh LOD support.
  • Support textures in 16-bit integer RGB format. TIFF, PNG.
  • Highly optimized multi-threaded rendering pipeline.
  • GPU instancing.
  • Many internal optimizations.
  • Improved work of the editor with a large number of objects.
  • Supersampling anti-aliasing (SSAA).
  • Billboard mode for meshes.
  • Cast shadows by billboards.
  • Material: Simple shading model now supports deferred shading.
  • C# editor: Automatically format on ";" and "}".
  • Engine widget for WinForms, WPF applications.


  • Materials have been improved.
  • The tool for generation environment cube maps from source format has been added.
  • Displacement mapping to materials have been added. Parallax Occlusion Mapping.
  • Tone mapping screen effect has been improved.
  • Mesh skinning on GPU.
  • UI Editor now has all the necessary features. Resizing, step movement.
  • UI Editor: Ribbon Tab.
  • UI Editor: Small fixes.
  • UIProgressBar.
  • Built-in C# scripting improvements.
  • Project settings has been updated.
  • HDR texture format support.
  • Import 3D models has been improved. Latest Assimp.


  • Shader Script. The ability to use shader code in materials and fullscreen effects.
  • The template to make animated vegetation material.
  • New samples: Shader script material.scene, Shader script screen effect.scene, Vegetation material.scene.
  • Scene Editor: Button to focus the camera on the selected object.
  • C# scripting usability improvements.
  • Import 3D, Mesh Editor: Highlighting selected mesh geometries, materials.
  • Bug fix: Material Editor: Material auto updating is not works when a material was created inside another component.


  • Manual: Samples and Tutorials.
  • Manual: Scripting Basic Knowledge.
  • Manual: Player App.
  • C# editor has been improved.
  • Event Handler component has been fixed. When Enable property has been added.
  • Fixed slow work of the editor when working with a large number of objects.
  • Various optimizations in the editor.
  • Player App has been improved.
  • Displaying shortcut keys in the context menus.


  • Full manual.
  • Flow graph scripting: Switch, Do Number, Do While, Sequence, For Each, For, Flow Start, Convert To elements have been added.
  • The component for drawing 2D grid.
  • The destroying sensor.
  • Many minor fixes.


  • Editor: The ability to configure favorite types for fast access.
  • 3D engine: Light shafts.
  • 3D engine: Lens flares.


  • Built-in C# scripting has been improved.
  • C# editor: New commands: Comment Selection, Uncomment Selection, Rename Symbol, Format Document.
  • C# editor: Better undo/redo support.
  • Show shortcut keys in tool tips for Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar.


  • Fix Launcher app.
  • Settings window: Multiselection support.
  • The ability to add event handlers on C# scripts.


  • Dumping GPU name to the logs.
  • The ability to set Rotation by angles.
  • Context menu items Editor, Settings fixed.
  • Settings Window: Open By Reference context menu item for Reference button.


  • Fully new.


  • Graphic user interface of the tools has been updated.
  • A tool to easily import 3D models from a file has been added.
  • Example maps have been updated.
  • Freeze Objects Manager has been added. The object is indended to optimize maps with big amount of objects on them. With this object the developer can make some objects on the map freeze to save resources.
  • Streaming terrain has been improved. Better management of load/unload mechanism.
  • The ability to skip mip maps during loading textures.
  • Bug fix: Broken rendering with enabled SoftParticles parameter of the material.
  • Bug fix: Broken decals on terrain.
  • Bug fix: Broken export of 3D models from Map Editor to DAE.

0.3 - 3.5

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The first public release.