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The Ribbon is intended for access the main actions of the Editor.

Screenshot999868 6.png
Project button

The Project button is located in the upper left corner of the ribbon and opens Project Menu. The menu allows to find out information about the current project, to create a new project, to prepare a project package for the chosen platform.

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Home tab

The main section of the ribbon.

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Name Description
Ribbon New.png
Opens the form of a new resource creating. This form creates project resources, such as scenes, materials and user interface elements. Read more.
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Opens Stores Window.
Ribbon Save.png
Saves the current document.
Ribbon SaveAs.png
Saves the current document in a different location, or with a different file name.
Saves all modified documents.
Undo last user action.
Ribbon Redo.png
Redo the undone action.
Ribbon Clone.png
Makes a copy of the selected objects.
Ribbon Delete.png
Deletes the selected object or group of objects.
Ribbon Select.png
Switches the control mode of the selected objects to the Selection mode which allows to select objects only, without the possibility of their transformation.
Screenshot999999999999999587 2.png
Switches the control mode of the selected objects to the Move & Rotate mode which allows to control the position and rotation of the objects at same time.
Ribbon Move.png
Switches the control mode of the selected objects to the Move mode which allows to control the position of the objects.
Ribbon Rotate.png
Switches the control mode of selected objects to the Rotation mode which allows to control the orientation of objects. When one object is selected then that object rotates. When a group of objects is selected then the rotation occurs around a central point among all selected objects.
Ribbon Scale.png
Switches the control mode of the selected objects to the Scaling mode which allows to control the scale of objects.
Ribbon Local.png
Switches the control mode of the selected objects to the Transformation mode using the local coordinate system instead of the global one. The local coordinate system is based on the space of the object.
Ribbon Play.png
Runs the current document in the simulation mode (the game mode). Hot key to start the simulation mode - F5.
Ribbon Run Player.png
Runs Player App.
Ribbon Setting.png
Opens Project Settings.
Ribbon Manual.png
Go to acquaintance with the various tutorials and manuals about practical application.
Screenshot999999999999937 4.png
Opens Tips window.
Scripting tab

A section of the editor ribbon that provides tools for Scripting.

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Name Description
Screenshot999900 1.png
Builds the project's solution (Project.sln) and reloads opened resources to update. Use this action to apply changed C# files.
Screenshot999900 2.png
Creates C# file (.cs).
Screenshot999900 3.png
Adds selected files or folders to the project (Project.csproj).
Screenshot999900 4.png
Removes selected files or folders from the project (Project.csproj).
Screenshot999900 5.png
Creates C# Script.
Screenshot999900 6.png
Creates Flow Graph.
Screenshot999999504 3.png
Comments selection of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 4.png
Uncomments selection of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 5.png
Renames symbol of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 6.png
To do auto formatting of C# code.
Screenshot999999999999934 3.png
Adds property code for a component class.
Screenshot999999999999934 5.png
Opens Sources solution in an external IDE.
Windows tab

A section of the ribbon to customize the windows of the editor. You can customize the visibility of standard windows. You can also reset the window settings to the initial state.

Name Description
Show or hide Resources Window. It is intended for work with the project resources. It contains a list of available objects to create, the project resources tree.
Screenshot999868 13.png
Screenshot999999999999999999367 3.png
Show or hide Stores Window. It is intended to work with online content, to download content from stores.
Screenshot999999999999999999318 2.png
Show or hide Objects Window. It is intended for work with objects of the current document. Shows the structure of objects in a hierarchical form.
Screenshot999868 14.png
Show or hide Settings Window. It is intended for editing parameters of selected objects.
Screenshot999868 15.png
Show or hide Preview Window. It is intended for previewing the selected object.
Screenshot999880 2.png
Show or hide Message Log Window. It shows messages from an editor.
Screenshot999868 16.png
Show or hide Output Window. It is intended to show unformatted text messages from the editor.
Screenshot999868 16.png
Show or hide Debug Info Window. It is intended to show debug information about the work of the editor and the engine.
Screenshot999868 16.png
Ribbon Store.png
Opens the content and add-ons store for the engine from third-party developers.
Reset the position of the windows to their original state.
Screenshot999999999999937 3.png
Find a selected resource in the Resources Window.
Tools tab

A section of the ribbon with various tools.

Screenshot999873 2.png
Name Description
Screenshot999999999712 3.png
Creates NeoAxis Baking file from selected folders and files. The Baking file gives the ability to make the asset archive which works only in the engine and cannot be read by another dev tools. This can be used to preserve the original content from unwanted distribution and to create a set of assets in a single compact file. After creating the file, you can delete the original content. After rebooting the editor, resources will be loaded from the archive.

To turn on the ribbon auto-hide mode, press the button on the right with the image of an arrow.

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