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Customize Workspace

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Customize Workspace

Features of the editor allow you to customize the workspace in any convenient way.


Ribbon can work in the autohide mode. The mode can be turn on using the button with an arrow simbol on the right.

Screenshot999868 12.png
Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar can be moved under the Ribbon. To do it click on the last button on the panel.

Screenshot999868 17.png

In the appeared context menu select the item Show Below the Ribbon. Also using an item of the Minimize the Ribbon menu you can configure autohide for the Ribbon.

Screenshot999886 18.png

Having turned on both settings you can get an analogy of the classic application where the menu is on the top and the toolbar is under it.


The editor allows you to customize the configuration of windows. You can change the position of windows, customize autohide and group.


Window visibility is configured in the Ribbon in the Windows tab. Using the Reset Settings button you can reset the windows to its original state.

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