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Resources Window


Resources Window is intended to work with the project resources. The window contains the list of available objects to create, the project resource tree.

Screenshot999868 13.png

The window is two-panel (tree, list). The toolbar is on the top. The window has many options for customization. Using the Resources Window you can make such actions as creating, copying, deleting, transferring, viewing properties, files and folders preview.


The data in the window is represented by four root groups. The first three groups are types, the fourth Assets is the project resources.

Name Description
BaseBase Types
AddonsObjects are represented by add-ons
All typesAll available engine objects
AssetsProject resources
Base, Addons, All types

You can make two actions with types (objects to create). The first is to create a resource of the selected type. To do it select the type, open the context menu and select the item 'New resource of this type'. New Resource window will open.

Screenshot999895 2.png

The second action is creation a new object using Drag & Drop. For example, an object can be dropped into the scene (move the object in the work area of the scene).

Screenshot999894 2.png
Assets folder

The Assets folder represents project resources. The resource window has great opportunities for work with files. Actually the window functionality includes a full-fledged file manager. It can create, delete, rename files and folders.

Context menu for working with a folder:

Screenshot999896 2.png

Context menu for working with a file:

Screenshot999898 2.png

Window toolbar.

Screenshot999891 4.png
Name Description
Rt settings.png
Opens the window with the settings.
Rt filtering mode.png
Filtering Mode
Applies a filter to the list of objects and folders. Options:
  • All - Show all file types (default).
  • C# - Show only files, scripts, user interface elements described in C#.
  • Shaders - Show only shader files.
Rt open.png
Opens the selected object and go to its edition. It is an analogue of double clicking on the left mouse button.
Rt new folder.png
New Folder
Creates a folder. The folder location is determined by the position of the selected file or folder. If to select a file and click on the create folder button the created folder will be located in the same directory as the selected file. If to select another folder before creating a new folder then the created folder after creation will be inside the selected folder.
Rt new resource.png
New Resource
Creates a new resource. The action is possible only when working inside the Assets folder.
Rt delete.png
Deletes selected files and folders.
Rt rename.png
Renames file or folder.
Rt cut.png
Cuts a file or folder for later transfer to another location.
Rt copy.png
Marks files or folders for later copying.
Rt paste.png
Copies or moves pre-marked files or folders.
Tree panel

The panel provides data as a tree structure.

Screenshot999891 5.png
List panel

List panel provides the same functionality as the Tree panel but unlike it provides data as a list. There are buttons for navigation at the top of the panel.

Screenshot999891 6.png

The Options window is opened using the Options button on the toolbar.

Screenshot999891 3.png

Options window:

Name Description
Panel Mode Window work mode. Four options are available:
  • Tree - single panel mode, only tree;
  • List - single panel mode, only list;
  • Two Panels Split Horizontally - two panel mode. The tree will be in the upper part of the window, the list will be in the lower part;
  • Two Panels Split Vertically - two panel mode. The tree will be in the left part of the window, the list will be in the right part.
Filtering Mode Button Show or hide a filter access button.
Open Button Show or hide a button allowing to open the selected file.
Buttons For Editing Show or hide a set of buttons for editing files.
Search Bar Show or hide a search bar.
Sort Files By Specify sort files. Options:
  • Name - sort files by name;
  • Date - sort files by date of their creation;
  • Type - sort files by their type;
  • Size - sort files according to size.
Sort Files By Ascending Sort files ascending.
Breadcrumb Show or hide navigation buttons in a list (List panel).
List Mode The way to show objects in a list. Options: Auto, List, Tiles.
List Image Size Image size in the List mode.
List Column Width Column width in the List mode.
Tile Image Size Image size in the Tiles mode.

The list of hot keys used during work with the window.

Name Description
F2Rename the selected file or folder.
DelDelete the selected file.
Ctrl + CCopy a file to a clipboard.
Ctrl + XCopy a file to a clipboard for later transfer.
Ctrl + VPaste a file from a clipboard.
Ctrl + ASelect all files and folders.
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