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The engine editor is a multi-window app with file management and resource editing capabilities. It supports editing multiple documents at the same time, includes a big set of various editing tools such as Scene Editor. It supports C#, visual scripting, and many other things.

Start Page

The start page allows you to make initial editor settings such as theme, ribbon and quick access toolbar settings. Using the page, you can create a new scene, UI file and other resources. The page shows a list of project scenes.

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You can use My.learning to learn the engine in a consistent manner.


Ribbon is intended for access the main actions of the editor.

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Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar is intended for quick access to the main actions of the editor. Basically duplicates the Ribbon.

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Resources Window

Resources Window is intended to work with project resources. The window contains the list of available objects to create, the project resource tree.

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Stores Window

Stores Window is intended to work with online content, to download content from stores.

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Objects Window

Objects Window is intended to work with objects of the current document. Shows the structure of objects in a hierarchical form.

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Settings Window

Settings Window is intended for editing the parameters of selected objects.

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Preview Window

Preview Window is intended for preview a selected object.

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Auxiliary Windows

Auxiliary Windows are intended for receiving various information during the work. There are Message Log, Output, Debug Info.

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Project Menu

Project Menu is intended to work with engine projects. It allows you to find out information about the project, to create a new project, to open another project, to prepare a project package for the selected platform. The menu opens with the button Project in the Ribbon.

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Project Settings

Project Settings opens with the Settings button in the Ribbon.

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Customize Workspace

The editor allows you to customize the workspace in any convenient way.

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