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Settings Window


Settings Window is intended for editing the parameters of selected objects.

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A name and a type of the selected object are displayed at the top of the window. Below there are two buttons for switching panels Properties and Events.

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Properties panel

Properties panel is intended for object property settings. This is a list of property cells that can be edited. Let's consider a cell.

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A cell can have seven elements:

  • A button with a plus symbol. When a cell has such a button it means the property has nested properties for editing. When pressed, the property is expanded.
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  • Next the name of the property comes.
  • The gray line is a panel separator. It can be moved.
  • A button in a form of a black point. When this button is visible, it means the property is not in a default state. When pressed, it can be reset the property to its original state.
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  • A button to customize Reference. When the reference is set, a triangle-arrow image displays on the button.
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  • Element for manual input of value.
  • At the end of the cell there may be a button that can make possible to set the value in a more convenient way. Example of a color selection:
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Events panel

The Events panel is intended to configure event handlers. It is a list of events with an ability to add a handler. Read more about event handlers.

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Type Settings (advanced)

There is a button in the top right of the window that opens Type Settings. The form is intended to customize the behavior of an object when used as a type for other objects.

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