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All features of NeoAxis Engine. Why NeoAxis?
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Double precision of coordinates
Built-in C# scripting
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NeoAxis Editor for Derivative Products
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NeoAxis for Derivative Products

Use the engine to build your derivative product. Technically, your product may be a modification of the NeoAxis editor.

The architecture of the engine and its editor are an extensible system. The editor can be expanded with additional functionality. Other sub-editors can be added to it, and current ones can be changed. Extra functionality can be disabled. As a result, the being developed specialized product can essentially be a modification of the NeoAxis editor. This provides many advantages over development from scratch.

Our company will be happy to assist in the implementation of your ideas.

NeoAxis for Education (EdTech)

The license is provided for installation on computers for educational purposes. The NeoAxis company provides a kit of additional services for education purposes, it includes:
  • The localized version of the NeoAxis editor.
  • Custom developed tutorials and training articles in your language.
  • Premium technical support from the NeoAxis developers.
Read more about the license:

Download PDF in English

Download PDF in Russian

Special cases

For special offers, ideas of custom solutions development, as well as requests for the source code of the engine, please contact us.

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