Here you can see the planned features. We are already working on these features, also you can participate in the improvement, order or make a donation to force the development.


Multi light optimizations

  • Updated City Demo:

Game framework

  • Advanced character animation mixing.

  • Vehicles with turrets.

  • Walking pedestrians, traffic walking mode, animals.

  • Inventory widget.
  • Character interaction, dialogue system. C# and flow graph based dialogues support.


  • DX12. Global illumination. Full reflections. Faster upload to GPU.
  • Full scene real-time global illumination (30% done). Right now you can use screen-space indirect lighting with ambient occlusion (ASSAO).

  • Hardware ray-tracing reflections. Right now you can use screen-space reflections.
  • Better antialiasing.
  • Better support for many light sources in the scene (partially done).
  • Faster shadows generation, much larger scalability (partially done).

  • Better work with transparency of Voxel LOD.
  • Better vegetation material animation.
  • Volumetric fog. Humidity. Dust.
  • Furs, hairs.
  • Physically-based procedural sky.
  • Shadow transparency, colored shadows.
  • Area lights.
  • Reversed depth to work better with z-fighting effect.
  • Faster forward rendering.
  • Order-independent transparency.
  • Import 3D data to more GPU friendly format (direct copy).
  • Auto unload GPU resources.

Big Worlds

  • Relative camera rendering for drawing objects with large/double precision coordinates.
  • Scene streaming example and optimization fixes.

Tools and Components

  • The library of motion capture animations.
  • Sequence editor. Cinematic and video editing.
  • Mesh painting tools.
  • More 3D modeling tools.
  • Human and creature generator.
  • Vegetation generator: More features and realism.
  • Road constructor: More features. Exits from the road, overpasses, bike paths.
  • Traffic system: Cars, bikes, pedestrians.
  • Building constructor: Faster rendering at very far distances.
  • Better 3D model import: Extract textures from GLB file. Better CAD formats support.
  • Pathfinding: Dynamic obstacles, off mesh links.
  • More 2D features and tools.

Usable Content

  • More vegetation packs made with Vegetation generator.
  • More materials scans and 3D models in the store.


  • Soft body.
  • Tank vehicle.
  • Ragdoll example.
  • Object destruction example.
  • Character: Scaling support.


  • Cloud services (partially done).
  • More features for shooter framework.
  • Networking support for vehicles.

Content Creation

  • Physically-based path tracer.


  • macOS support.
  • Linux support.
  • Katy Perry skin.

NeoAxis as IDE

  • Solution Explorer. Working with many csproj projects.


  • Compilation support for newer ones .NET.


  • PlayStation.
  • iOS (20% done).
  • macOS.
  • Linux console, server.
  • Linux for desktop.
  • Web.
  • VR/AR.
  • Networking support for Android.
  • Sound streaming on Android. Right now stream sounds load as usual sample.
  • Android: Texture auto compression and caching.


  • Remove sources of 3D models.