• 3D game framework. Managing characters, various types of cameras, a set of more specialized game objects.
  • Tools for massive object creation.
  • Terrain.
  • Batching of geometry.
  • Decals.
  • Photorealistic demo.

Game framework

  • Character class.
  • Bullet class.
  • Playable scene mode. The ability to control character. Fire bullets.
  • Camera control. First person camera. Third person camera.

3D engine

  • Particles.
  • Terrain.
  • Tools for massive object creation. Vegetation.
  • Decals: Forward rendering support.
  • Hardware raytracing, DX12, Vulkan.
  • Relative camera rendering to ability to draw scene with 64-bit precision.
  • Morph animation.
  • More optimizations.


  • C# scripting improvements.


  • Build for Android, iOS, macOS, web, consoles.
  • Editor for macOS.
  • VR support.
  • 2D game engine.
  • Asset Store.


  • Video tutorials.
  • Fully described API reference.


  • Skinning support. Dark theme.
  • Search bar for resources, objects.
  • Resources window: Image previews.
  • Customize Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Show Rotation in Euler angles instead quaternions.

Known issues

  • Physics: No collision between soft bodies and multi shape rigid mesh shapes. Or when a mesh shape TransformRelativeToParent contains not default value.