• VR, AR, MR support.
  • Mac, Linux support.
  • All high quality rendering features.
  • C/C++ framework for component creation.

Mobile devices

  • iOS support.
  • Shadows support.

    Shadow map generation works good. Something wrong with binding shadow map array to
    To enable shadows uncomment "if( SystemSettings.CurrentPlatform == SystemSettings.Platform.Android ) skip = true;" in the Pipeline_Basic_Render.cs.

  • Android: Deploy to device from the editor.


  • Decals works only with Deferred rendering, decals for Forward rendering is not currently supported. Decal material should also support Deferred rendering.
  • Physics: No collision between soft bodies and multi shape rigid mesh shapes. Or when a mesh shape TransformRelativeToParent is not a default value.
  • Mobile devices: Deferred shading, decals, material advanced blending parameters are not supported.