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Reflection Probe

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Reflection Probe

The component is capturing surroundings of the scene to get reflections and to get ambient lighting data.


The component internally caches the image to get reflections fast. Reflection probe is a way to get projective reflections. The reflection is precalculated from a selected position in the scene. The component is also can be used to get data for ambient lighting (average environment lighting).

It can be combined with Reflection screen effect.

Real-time mode

The component can work in real-time mode. It also can be configured to update position in the scene to get best results.

Example: Samples\Starter Content\Scenes\Reflection real-time probe.scene.

Name Description
Mode The mode of the reflection probe.
Global Whether to affect all scene instead of sphere volume.
Cubemap The cubemap texture of reflection data used by the probe.
Rotation The horizontal rotation of the cubemap.
Intensity The factor of the probe effect.
Multiplier A cubemap color multiplier.
Real Time Whether to capture and pass the information in real-time.
Resolution The resolution of the capture.
High Dynamic Range Whether the high dynamic range is enabled. For Auto mode HDR is disabled on limited devices (mobile).
Use Render Targets Enables using additional render targets during rendering the frame.
Deferred Shading Enables the deferred shading. Limited devices (mobile) are not support deferred shading.
Shadows Whether to visualize shadows.
Transparent Objects Whether to visualize transparent objects.
Animated Objects Whether to visualize meshes with skeleton animation.
Light Max Count The max amount of light sources to draw.
Light Masks Whether to prepare and apply light masks.
LODScale The distance multiplier when determining the level of detail.
Near Clip Plane The minimum distance of the reflection probe.
Far Clip Plane The maximum distance of the reflection probe.
Render Sky Whether to render sky of the scene.
Blur Factor The amount of blur applied.
Affect Lighting Mip Offset The mipmap offset when fetching blurred reflection data to calculate ambient environment lighting.
Position Depending Camera Whether to position of the object in the scene by tracking camera position.
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