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Screen space reflections effect.


The effect uses screen information to get reflections.

It can be combined with Reflection Probe.

Name Description
Intensity The intensity of the effect.
Resolution Using lower resolution light buffer can improve performance, but can accentuate aliasing.
Shadows Whether to calculate shadowing for reflections.
Max Distance The maximum distance from the camera where the effect working.
Step Scale Start Initial scale of step size for raymarching.
Step Scale Threshold The threshold value to go smaller step for raymarching.
Penetration Threshold Average thickness of the world objects for raymarching.
Fill Gaps Whether to fill invalid pixels with near valid data to fix linear interpolation issues.
Fill Gaps Radius The radius in pixels to find valid pixels.
Denoise Whether to do denoising of the reflection texture.
Denoise Sigma Sigma standard deviation of the denoise filter.
Denoise Sigma Coefficient Sigma coefficient of the denoise filter.
Denoise Edge Sharpening Edge sharpening threshold of the denoise filter.
Blur Roughness Min The power of blur when roughness is zero.
Blur Roughness Middle Then power of blur when roughness is 0.5.
Blur Roughness Max Maximal power of blur.
Blur Downscaling Mode The blur downscaling mode used.
Blur Downscaling Value The level of blur texture downscaling.
Debug Mode The debug visualization mode.
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