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Depth Of Field

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Depth Of Field

Depth of field screen effect. The component makes the effect of sharpening the camera, blurring far and near area supported.

The effect is a container of other effects. You can use not only blurring, you can use other effects for unfocused area. For example, in addition to blur, you can use Grayscale effect, Bokeh Blur, or any other effect. You can combine several effects.

Name Description
Intensity The intensity of the effect.
Focal Distance The distance at which to focus to achieve the maximum effect.
Focal Size The focal size.
Background Transition Length Distance beyound 1.5 focal lengths over which objects will become completely blured.
Blur Foreground Whether the foreground is blured.
Foreground Transition Length Distance before 0.5 focal lengths over which objects will become completely sharp.
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