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The light source is the component used to illuminate the scene.


You can drop Light component from Resources window.

Name Description
Type The type of light source.
Brightness The light's brightness.
Color The color of emitted light.
Attenuation Near The minimum distance of the source light.
Attenuation Far The maximum distance of the source light.
Attenuation Power The multiplier of light attenuation power.
Spotlight Inner Angle The inner angle of the spot light.
Spotlight Outer Angle The outer angle of the spot light.
Spotlight Falloff The spot light fall-off.
Start Distance The distance of lighting effect from the light position.
Mask The light mask used by the light source.
Mask Transform The position, rotation and scale of the light mask.
Shadows If active, the light will cast shadows on the surfaces.
Shadow Intensity The intensity of the shadows.
Shadow Bias Shadow bias moves the shadow away from the light source. Adjusting it may help to fix shadow artifacts.
Shadow Normal Bias Normal bias moves the shadow perpendicular to the shadowed surface. Adjusting it may help to fix shadow artifacts.
Shadow Softness The softness multiplier of shadows.
Shadow Texture Size A method to get the size of a shadow map.
Shadow Texture Size Value The size of a shadow texture.
Shadow Near Clip Distance The minimal distance from the light source to generate shadows.
Shadow Contact Whether to detail the shadows by means the screen-space contact shadows technique. The contact shadows works only for deferred shading.
Shadow Contact Length The maximal length of the contact shadows.
Shadow Static Whether to enable static shadow optimization for this light. Only for Point and Spot lights.
Flare Image The image of the flare.
Flare Blending The method of drawing the image of the flare on the screen.
Flare Color The color of the flare.
Flare Position The position of the flare.
Flare Size The size of the flare. It is indicated as a ratio of screen size vertically.
Spotlight Clip Planes Returns 10 planes. Order: backward plane (0), far distance plane (1) and 8 side planes (2-9).
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