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A basic sky component in the engine.


The component can visualize a skybox cubemap image and supports a procedural generated sky.

  • Use Cubemap property to configure the cubemap mode. You can use 2:1 skydome HDR, EXR images, Image for cubemap constructed from 6 2D images, 4:3 images, DDS cubemap files.
  • Use Mode property to enable procedural generated sky.
  • By means Affect Lighting property you can configure affecting to scene environment lighting.
Easy import from Internet

There is a tool for automatically downloading and processing HDR files by the link. Under the properties is available Import button. Specify HDR file link and click Import. - There is a huge library of free textures on the Internet where you can find almost any environment for your project.

Name Description
Mode The way to visualize sky.
Mixed Mode Procedural Factor The mixing factor for Mixed mode.
Procedural Resolution The resolution of the texture for the procedural mode.
Cubemap The texture used by the skybox.
Cubemap Rotation The horizontal rotation of the skybox.
Cubemap Stretch Vertical stretch multiplier.
Cubemap Multiplier A skybox color multiplier.
Affect Lighting Whether to affect to ambient lighting.
Lighting Cubemap The texture used for the reflection. When it is null, the specified cubemap at Cubemap property is used for lighting.
Lighting Cubemap Rotation The horizontal rotation of the lighting cubemap.
Always Use Processed Cubemap Whether to use the processed cubemap for the background instead of the original image.
Allow Process Environment Cubemap Whether to allow processing the specified cubemap to 6-sided cubemap.
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