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Mesh In Space

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Mesh In Space

Mesh in the scene.


This object used to place 3D models in the scene. The easiest way to create an object is through Resources Window. Just pick desired object and drag it to the scene.

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Name Description
Mesh The mesh used by the mesh object.
Static Whether to enable a static mode which improves rendering speed. Internally static objects are grouped into batches.
Static Shadows Whether to allow static shadow optimization for this object.
Replace Material Replaces all geometries of the mesh by another material.
Color The base color and opacity multiplier.
Visibility Distance Factor The factor of maximum visibility distance. The maximum distance is calculated based on the size of the object on the screen.
Cast Shadows Whether to cast shadows on the other surfaces.
Receive Decals Whether it is possible to apply decals on the surface.
Motion Blur Factor The multiplier of the motion blur effect.
Occluder Whether to object should be used as an occluder for occlusion culling.
Special Effects Specifies settings for special object effects, such as an outline effect.
Collision Whether to add a collision body. A shape of the body will take from Collision Definition of the mesh.
Physical Body Linear Velocity The initial linear velocity of the body.
Physical Body Angular Velocity The initial angular velocity of the body.
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