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Group Of Objects

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Group Of Objects


Group Of Objects is an object in a scene designed to store and display many similar objects.

The component is a container for storing many objects of the same type. The object is opposed to creating scene objects using components. For example, instead of creating a set of Mesh In Space, you can create one Group Of Objects object that will contain several models in the scene. This object has the ability to manage and render a very large number of objects. Technically, an object contains a linear array of objects data. The array can be updated quickly from the code.

How to work with the object is described in the Scene Editor.

Base Objects

In order to be able to place objects on the surface, you need to configure the base objects, which are defined in the Base Objects property.

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Terrain and Mesh In Space can be typical base objects, in order to be able to place objects on it. To add an object as a base one, go to the Base Objects property, click on '+'. In the drop-down list of properties, increase the value of the Count property by one. Specify Terrain in the added list item. In order to specify an object, you need to click the button in the property and select the desired object in the scene. The second way to configure is to click on the button and drag it to an object in the Objects Window, holding the mouse button.

After setting up, the placed objects click 'Update Alignment' button to take into account the new base objects. For more information about creating objects in the Scene Editor.

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After creating the objects, the nested components of the elements of the objects appear in the group. The elements have their own settings that affect all objects associated with them.

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Clear and Update

When an object is selected, you can see three buttons under the properties.

  • Clear button deletes all data inside the object.
  • Clear Objects button deletes only objects, leaving the elements of objects.
  • Update button aligns the position with the base objects. Also, the selected elements and random values of objects, created using Surface, are updated.
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Name Description
Visible Whether the object is visible in the scene.
Base Objects The list of base objects. When creating objects, the editor uses base objects as a background on which objects are placed.
Sector Size The size of the sector in the scene. The sector size allows to optimize the culling and rendering of objects.
Max Objects In Group The maximal amount of objects in one group/batch.
Objects Serialize Whether to enable serialization of objects data.
Objects Network Mode Whether to enable synchronization of objects data between server and clients.
Draw Group Bounds Whether to visialize bounds of the groups.
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