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Surface is a definition of surface type which contains material, set of meshes and other objects. Surfaces are used for painting and object creation by means of a brush.

Learn more about the surfaces from the view of the Scene Editor.

How to create

To create a new surface, it is easier to make a copy of an existing surface and change it. They are located in 'Content\Vegetation'. Also, check asset store for new surfaces.

A surface consists of groups of elements, groups, for its part, include elements. The element indicates the probability of the element getting when painting with a brush, and other settings.


Surface is supported by the Terrain. It is the best way to make nature worlds.

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Surface Area

Surface Area is used to automatically fill with many objects in a given area.

Name Description
Material An optional material of the surface.
Material UV0 The number of UV tiles per unit for texture coordinates 0.
Material UV1 The number of UV tiles per unit for texture coordinates 1.
Surface Group Of Elements
Name Description
Probability The probability of choosing this group of elements from others when painting.
Occupied Area Radius The radius of the occupied area in which no other objects will be created.
Position ZRange The range of possible Z-axis object position displacements when painting.
Rotate Around Its Axis Whether to set the random value of object rotation around its axis when painting.
Max Incline The maximum vertical angle of objects.
Scale Range The range of possible scaling of objects when painting.
Surface Element
Name Description
Probability The probability of choosing this element from others when painting.
Surface Element Mesh
Name Description
Mesh The mesh used by the element.
Replace Material Replaces all geometries of the mesh by another material.
Visibility Distance Maximum visibility range of the object.
Cast Shadows Whether to cast shadows on the other surfaces.
Receive Decals Whether it is possible to apply decals on the surface.
Motion Blur Factor The multiplier of the motion blur effect.
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