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Paint Layer

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Paint Layer

Specifies a paint layer for the terrain or for the mesh.


Paint layers allow you to add extra passes when rendering the mesh. Layers are applied after the passage of the base material.

To set the layer, you need to specify the material and the mask.

  • The material must support the mask for the alpha channel. The easiest way to create material is based on the template 'Base\Material templates\Paint Layer.material', which supports the mask.
  • The mesh geometry must include the texture coordinates channel with unwrapped UV map. The 'Unwrapped UV' property must be configured.
  • The layer is applied based on the mask, which can be specified by an image from a file (Mask Image property) or an array (Mask property).

Paint layers are supported by Terrain, Mesh, Mesh In Space.

Paint layer for mesh

Mesh Editor and Builder 3D are supports paint layers. Use 'Add Layer' button in the ribbon.

Screenshot999999999999072 4.png
Mesh layer sample

Samples\Starter Content\Scenes\Mesh paint layer\Mesh paint layer.scene

  • An example of using paint layer for a mesh.
Name Description
Material The material of the layer.
Surface The surface of the layer.
Mask The editable mask of the layer.
Mask Image The mask in a form of texture of the layer.
Color The base color and opacity multiplier.
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