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Mesh Editor

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Mesh Editor

The mesh editor is designed for tuning and verifying 3D models, usually after import.

Ribbon tab

There is 'Mesh Editor' ribbon tab. The tab allows you to visualize the data of the mesh, to configure physical body definition of the model.

Screenshot999999200 2.png
Name Description
Screenshot999999201 1.png
Display pivot.
Screenshot999999201 2.png
Display bounds.
Screenshot999999201 3.png
Display triangles.
Screenshot999999201 4.png
Display vertices.
Screenshot999999201 5.png
Display vertex colors.
Screenshot999999201 6.png
Display normals.
Screenshot999999201 7.png
Display tangents.
Screenshot999999201 8.png
Display binormals.
Screenshot999999201 9.png
Display texture coordinates.
Screenshot999999966 2.png
Display selected level of detail.
Screenshot999999201 10.png
Display skeleton.
Screenshot999999201 11.png
Play animation.
Screenshot999999201 12.png
Display collision body template.
Screenshot999999201 13.png
Creates collision body template of the mesh.
Screenshot999999203 2.png
Screenshot999999201 14.png
Deletes collision body template of the mesh.
Screenshot999999999999015 4.png
Adds a mesh modifier to the object. Mesh modifiers provide the ability to modify the output data provided by the mesh; they do not change the original mesh data.
Screenshot999999999999015 5.png
Screenshot999999999999072 4.png
Adds a masked paint layer.
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