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Render To File

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Render To File

A tool for rendering a scene to a file. It intended to create screenshots, videos and to create materials.

Use the Render button to render to a file.

Screenshot999999999999999592 2.png
Name Description
Mode The type of generated data.
Resolution The size of the resulting image.
Output File Name The file name to be output.
Camera The camera for which the display is being performed. If no camera is specified, the editor's current camera is used.
Rendering Pipeline The rendering pipeline to override the default pipeline of the scene.
Display Development Data Whether to visualize development data of the scene.
Template A template for a generated material.
Fill Transparent Pixels By Near Pixels Whether to fill transparent pixels of generated textures by near pixels to make mipmapping work good.
Frames Per Second The number of frames per second.
Length The length of the video in seconds.
Format The compression format of the video.
Format Four CC The compression format specified by FourCC.
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