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Curve In Space

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Curve In Space

Represents the curve in the scene.


The component supports generating 3D mesh of the curve. Set Thickness parameter more than 0 to enable mesh generation.

Name Description
Curve Type Position The type of the curve for position of the points.
Curve Type Rotation The type of the curve for rotation of the points.
Curve Type Scale The type of the curve for scale of the points.
Time Scale Time scale of the curve points.
Color Specifies the color of the curve.
Display Curve In Editor Whether to display the curve in the editor.
Display Curve In Simulation Whether to display the curve in the simulation.
Thickness The thickness of the curve.
Caps Whether to add caps to the geometry of the curve.
Segments Length The length of the segments.
Segments Circle The amount of segments around the circumference.
Material The material of the curve.
UVTiles Length The length of UV tile by length.
UVTiles Circle The length of UV tile around the circumference.
UVFlip Whether to flip UV coordinates.
Visibility Distance Factor The factor of maximum visibility distance. The maximum distance is calculated based on the size of the object on the screen.
Collision Whether to have a collision body.
Collision Material The physical material used by the rigid body.
Collision Friction The amount of friction applied on the rigid body.
Collision Restitution The ratio of the final relative velocity to initial relative velocity of the rigid body after collision.
Time The time of the point.
Rounded Line Curvature Radius The curvature radius of the points for Rounded Line curve type.
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