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Weapon 2D

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Weapon 2D

Base class for making weapons for 2D.


Using this class, you can create objects that can shoot.

How to use

The character in the scene can interact with the object.


The character can take the object and control it.

Name Description
Firing Total Time Total time of one firing cycle.
Firing Fire Time The time of the bullet creation during firing cycle.
Bullet Type The type of the bullet.
Bullet Transform The initial position, rotation and scale of the bullet.
Bullet Speed The initial speed of the bullet.
Firing Begin Sound The sound that is played when the firing begins.
Fire Sound The sound that is played when a shot occurs.
Always Display Additional Info Whether to display initial position and direction of a bullet.
Animate Whether to enable default animation method of the weapon.
Idle Animation Animation of weapon at rest.
Fire Animation Fire animation of the weapon.
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