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2DManual / Base Types / 2D / SpriteSprite Animation Controller


Sprite in the scene.


The object displays a 2D rectangle with the assigned material.

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How to create

The sprite is created like other objects. The usual way to do this is to drag and drop it from the Resources Window.

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Material is specified in the Replace Material property. Other features are supported, for example, support for using prepared meshes instead of a rectangle.

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Name Description
Mesh The mesh used by the mesh object.
Replace Material Replaces all geometries of the mesh by another material.
Replace Material Selectively Replaces selected geometries of the mesh by another material.
Color The base color and opacity multiplier.
Visibility Distance Maximum visibility range of the object.
Cast Shadows Whether to cast shadows on the other surfaces.
Receive Decals Whether it is possible to apply decals on the surface.
Motion Blur Factor The multiplier of the motion blur effect.
Special Effects Specifies settings for special object effects, such as an outline effect.
Name Description
UV UV texture coordinates.
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