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The component is intended to add virtual properties to the parent component. Using this object, you can add virtual properties to existing objects without writing a code.

How to create

Inside the object for which you are creating a virtual property, you need to add the Property object.


Next, configure the name, type and other parameters.

Screenshot999999596 2.png

Appeared property at parent object.

Screenshot999999597 2.png
Name Description
Type The type of the property.
Reference Support Whether references are supported by the property.
Read Only Whether the property is read-only.
Browsable Whether the property is browsable.
Category The category under which the property is displayed in the properties window.
Serializable Whether the property is serializable.
Cloneable The cloning mode of the property.
Changed Event Whether the property invoke notification event if property value has changed.
Default Value Specified Whether the property has a default value.
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