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A basic class for characters. The base settings are configured by means of Character Type.

How to create

The character is created like other objects, the easiest way to do this is to drop it into the scene from the Resources Window.

To configure characteristics of character Character Type is used.

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Player control settings

In order to configure character control by a player, you need to configure the properties of the Game Mode object. This object is in the scene. The 'Object Controlled By Player' property should point to the character. You also need to configure the type of camera using the Use 'Built In Camera' property (for example, select First Person).

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Now by launching the Player App, you can control the character in a first-person view.

Character customization

The character is customizable using properties and nested components. By default, the character contains a 3D model, a physical body, a component for controlling the player, and artificial intelligence.

Create a character as a separate file

The character can be configured as a separate file with the extension .character.

You can configure a new character in the scene and then save it to a file by means 'Save To File' item of the context menu.

Using a character in a previously created scene as a type

In order to create character types, it is not necessary to create a .character file. You can use the scene and the character created in it as a type. To do this, select the scene file in the Resources Window and click '+'. In the expanded list there will be scene objects that can be dragged and dropped into another scene.

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Name Description
Left Hand Factor Left hand control ratio.
Left Hand Transform Left hand target transform in the world coordinates. X - forward, -Z - palm.
Right Hand Factor Right hand control ratio.
Right Hand Transform Right hand target transform in the world coordinates. X - forward, -Z - palm.
Head Factor Head control ratio.
Head Look At Target position of the head.
Life Status Dead or alive.
Health The health of the character.
Team The team index of the object.
Debug Visualization Whether to display the RequiredLookToPosition, RequiredTurnToDirection, hands position and sitting info.
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