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A basic class to make vehicles of various types. An example scene is in 'Samples\Starter Content\Scenes\Vehicle.scene'.

How to create

The vehicle is created like other objects, the easiest way to do this is to drop it into the scene from the Resources Window.

Screenshot999999999999999999999044 2.png
Player control settings

In order to configure vehicle control by a player, you need to configure the properties of the Game Mode object. This object is in the scene. 'Object Controlled By Player' property should point to the vehicle. You also need to configure the type of camera using the 'Use Built In Camera' property (for example, select Third Person).

Screenshot999999999999999999999045 2.png

Now by launching the Player App, you can control the vehicle in a first-person view.


The vehicle is customizable by using Vehicle Type component.

Name Description
Debug Visualization Whether to visualize debug info.
Throttle The throttle parameter to control the vehicle.
Brake The brake parameter to control the vehicle.
Hand Brake The hand brake parameter to control the vehicle.
Steering The steering parameter to control the vehicle.
Health The health of the vehicle.
Team The team index of the object.
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