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NeoAxis Namespace

Public classApplicableRangeColorValuePowerAttribute
This attribute specifies the range of possible Power component of color values of a property or field in the editor.
Public classArrayDataReader
A class for streaming data from an array.
Public classArrayDataWriter
A class for streaming data to an array.
Public classAssemblyUtility
Auxiliary class for working with .NET assemblies.
Public classAssemblyUtilityAssemblyRegistration
This abstract class is designed to register plug-in assemblies.
Public classAssemblyUtilityRegisteredAssemblyItem
A class representing registered .NET assembly.
Public classAutoConvertTypeAttribute
Attribute tagging method or constructor as a function of autoconversion types.
Public classBulletPhysicsUtility
Auxiliary methods for working with the Bullet physics engine.
Public classCanvasRenderer
Specifies a class that allows to draw 2D graphic elements.
Public classCanvasRendererShaderItem
Represents the data for a canvas visualization customization with its defines and parameters.
Public classCanvasRendererUtility
This class contains auxiliary functional for the CanvasRenderer.
Public classCharacterAssemblyRegistration
The class is intended to register character resource.
Public classCloneableAttribute
Specifies how the field or property is cloned.
Public classCollectionUtility
Helper class for working with collections.
Public classColorValueNoAlphaAttribute
Helper for the toolset. Turns off the ability to change alpha channel for color in the properties.
Public classComponent
Base class of all components.
Public classComponentComponentSet
Represents a collection of child components.
Public classComponent_AI
Task-based artificial intelligence.
Public classComponent_AITask
Task component for artificial intelligence.
Public classComponent_Animation
Represents mesh animation.
Public classComponent_AnimationTriggerPoint
Animation time trigger.
Public classComponent_Area
Represents an area in the scene defined by the set of points.
Public classComponent_AreaCreationModeArea
A class for providing the creation of a Component_Area in the editor.
Public classComponent_AreaPoint
Represents a point of the Component_Area.
Public classComponent_Billboard
A flat object in the scene, which faces the camera.
Public classComponent_ButtonInSpace
Button in the scene.
Public classComponent_Camera
Representation of a player's point of view.
Public classComponent_CameraManagement
An object to manage camera.
Public classComponent_Character
Basic character class.
Public classComponent_Character2D
Basic character class.
Public classComponent_Character2DAI
Task-based artificial intelligence for 2D character.
Public classComponent_Character2DAITask_MoveTo
Base class for tasks of the 2D character to move to the specified position.
Public classComponent_Character2DAITask_MoveToObject
The task of the 2D character to move to the specified object in the scene.
Public classComponent_Character2DAITask_MoveToPosition
The task of the 2D character to move to the specified position in the scene.
Public classComponent_Character2DInputProcessing
An object to process input from a player to a 2D character.
Public classComponent_CharacterAI
Task-based artificial intelligence for character.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_MoveTo
Base class for tasks of the character to move to the specified position.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_MoveToObject
The task of the character to move to the specified object in the scene.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_MoveToPosition
The task of the character to move to the specified position in the scene.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_PressButton
The task of the character to press button.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_TurnSwitch
The task of the character to turn a valve.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_TurnTo
Base class for tasks of the character to turn to the specified position.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_TurnToObject
The task of the character to turn to the specified object in the scene.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_TurnToPosition
The task of the character to turn to the specified position in the scene.
Public classComponent_CharacterAITask_Wait
The task of the character is not to do anything for a certain time.
Public classComponent_CharacterInputProcessing
An object to process input from a player to a character.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape
Base class of all collision shapes.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape_Box
Box-based collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape_Capsule
Capsule-based collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape_Cone
Cone-based collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape_Cylinder
Cylinder-based collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape_Mesh
Mesh-based collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape_Sphere
Sphere-based collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape2D
Base class of all 2D collision shapes.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape2D_Box
Box-based 2D collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape2D_Capsule
Capsule-based 2D collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape2D_Ellipse
Ellipse-based 2D collision shape.
Public classComponent_CollisionShape2D_Mesh
Mesh-based 2D collision shape.
Public classComponent_ComponentHost
An object to manage a hierarchy of components. For example, using this object, you can load an additional scene inside another scene.
Public classComponent_ComputeUsingThreads
Auxiliary class to make optimized calculations using threads.
Public classComponent_ComputeUsingThreadsComputeContext
Public classComponent_Constraint
Constraint link between two physical bodies.
Public classComponent_ConstraintNewObjectSettingsConstraint
A set of settings for Component_Constraint creation in the editor.
Public classComponent_Constraint2D
Base class for constraint link between two physical 2D bodies.
Public classComponent_Constraint2D_Distance
A 2D distance joint rains two points on two bodies to remain at a fixed distance from each other.
Public classComponent_Constraint2D_Fixed
A 2D joint hard constraints two bodies.
Public classComponent_Constraint2D_Prismatic
A 2D prismatic joint. This joint provides one degree of freedom: translation along an axis fixed in body A. Relative rotation is prevented.
Public classComponent_Constraint2D_Revolute
A 2D revolute joint constrains to bodies to share a common point while they are free to rotate about the point.
Public classComponent_Constraint2D_Weld
A weld joint essentially glues two bodies together. The joint is soft constraint based, which means the two bodies will move relative to each other.
Public classComponent_ConvertTo
Converts the given object value to the specified type.
Public classComponent_CSharpScript
The component for adding C# scripts.
Public classComponent_CurveInSpace
Represents the curve in the scene.
Public classComponent_CurveInSpaceCachedData
Precalculated data of the curve.
Public classComponent_CurveInSpaceSourceData
Extracted source data of the curve.
Public classComponent_CurveInSpacePoint
Represents the point of the curve in the scene.
Public classComponent_CutVolume
The component to clip geometry by volume in real-time.
Public classComponent_Decal
Decal in the scene.
Public classComponent_DeclareVariable
Component representing a declaration of a virtual variable.
Public classComponent_DestroyingSensor
The sensor is intended to destroy detected objects. Can be used to remove objects that have gone beyond the scene.
Public classComponent_DestroyingSensor2D
The sensor is intended to destroy detected objects in 2D space. Can be used to remove objects that have gone beyond the scene.
Public classComponent_DoNumber
Component representing a loop running specified amount of time.
Public classComponent_DoWhile
Component representing a do-while loop.
Public classComponent_Event
The component for adding a virtual event to the parent component.
Public classComponent_EventHandler
Component representing an event handler.
Public classComponent_FlowGraph
The component for creation of visual workflow.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphGetAllLinksFromInputPin_Result
Public classComponent_FlowGraphNode
The node of the flow graph.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphNodeRepresentation
Represents a cached data for visualization of Component_FlowGraphNode in the editor.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphNodeRepresentationConnector
Represents a connection slot of Component_FlowGraphNode.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphNodeRepresentationItem
Public classComponent_FlowGraphNodeRepresentationItemProperty
Public classComponent_FlowGraphNodeRepresentationItemThisObject
Public classComponent_FlowGraphNodeStyle
The style of the flow graph node.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphNodeStyle_Rectangle
Rectangular flow graph nodes style.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphSpecialization
The specialization of the flow graph. Specialization affects graph workflow in the editor.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphSpecializationDragDropObjectCreateInitNodeContext
Represents a drag and drop data for creation Component_FlowGraphSpecialization component.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphSpecialization_Shader
Flow graph specialization for shaders visual creation. Specialization affects workflow with graph in editor.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphStyle
The graphical style of the flow graph.
Public classComponent_FlowGraphStyle_Default
The default style of the flow graph.
Public classComponent_FlowStart
The component for starting a new flow.
Public classComponent_Fog
The fog effect in the scene.
Public classComponent_Font
Represents font import settings.
Public classComponent_FontCharacterContourData
Public classComponent_FontCompiledData
Represents precalculated data of Component_Font.
Public classComponent_FontContour
Public classComponent_For
The component provides the enumeration of collection elements with specifying the interval of elements.
Public classComponent_ForEach
The component provides the enumeration of collection elements.
Public classComponent_GameMode
The object to interact Player app with the scene.
Public classComponent_GameMode_ObjectInteractionContextClass
Public classComponent_Grid
Visual 2D grid in the scene.
Public classComponent_GroupOfObjects
An object in a scene designed to store and display a large number of similar objects.
Public classComponent_GroupOfObjectsGetObjectsItem
Represents data to get items from Component_GroupOfObjects object.
Public classComponent_GroupOfObjectsElement
Component for setting item type of Component_GroupOfObjects.
Public classComponent_GroupOfObjectsElement_Mesh
Component for setting mesh item type of Component_GroupOfObjects.
Public classComponent_GroupOfObjectsElement_Surface
Component for setting surface item type of Component_GroupOfObjects.
Public classComponent_If
Component representing the if-statement.
Public classComponent_Image
Represents a 2D or cubemap image. The component is useful to make cubemap textures from 6 2D images.
Public classComponent_ImageBindSettingsAttribute
Attribute for setting parameters of texture binding.
Public classComponent_Image_Settings
Class for working with the settings file of Component_Image.
Public classComponent_Import3D
The component for import of 3D content.
Public classComponent_Import3DReimportSettings
Represents settings for reimporting data of Component_Import3D.
Public classComponent_InputProcessing
An object to process input from a player.
Public classComponent_InvokeMember
The component for invoking methods, properties and fields.
Public classComponent_Layer
A class for grouping components of the scene.
Public classComponent_Learning
Public classComponent_LensFlare
One lens flare.
Public classComponent_LensFlares
Lens flares effect of the light. The component must be a child of Light.
Public classComponent_LensFlaresNewObjectSettingsLensFlares
A set of settings for Component_LensFlares creation in the editor.
Public classComponent_Light
The light source in the scene.
Public classComponent_LightInclusiveVolumeData
Public classComponent_LiquidVolume
The component to manage liquid volumes.
Public classComponent_Material
Defines how a geometry looks.
Public classComponent_MaterialCompiledMaterialData
Represents precalculated data of Component_Material.
Public classComponent_MaterialCompiledMaterialDataCurrentFrameData
Internal material data for rendering frame.
Public classComponent_MaterialCompiledMaterialDataPassGroup
Public classComponent_MaterialCompileExtensionData
Represents material data that were procedurally generated and compiled.
Public classComponent_MaterialNewObjectSettingsMaterial
A set of settings for Component_Material creation in the editor.
Public classComponent_MeasuringTool
The component to measure and visualize length.
Public classComponent_MeasuringToolEndPoint
End point for Component_MeasuringTool.
Public classComponent_Member
Base class of all virtual member components.
Public classComponent_MemberParameter
The component for adding parameters to the virtual method.
Public classComponent_Mesh
Represents a 3D mesh in the engine. The child mesh geometries defines the mesh data.
Public classComponent_MeshCompiledData
Represents precalculated data of Component_Mesh.
Public classComponent_MeshCompiledDataMeshDataClass
Represents geometry data of the mesh for rendering pipeline.
Public classComponent_MeshExtractedStructure
Public classComponent_MeshExtractedStructureMeshGeometryItem
Public classComponent_MeshStructureClass
Specifies the structure of the mesh. Includes information about edges, faces.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry
Represents mesh geometry: vertices structure and material data.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Arch
Mesh geometry in the form of an arch.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Box
Mesh geometry in the form of a box.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Capsule
Mesh geometry in the form of a capsule.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Cone
Mesh geometry in the form of a cone.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Cylinder
Mesh geometry in the form of a cylinder.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Door
Mesh geometry in the form of a door.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Pipe
Mesh geometry in the form of a pipe.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Plane
Mesh geometry in the form of a plane.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_PolygonBasedPolyhedron
Mesh geometry in the form of polyhedron generated by thickening a polygon.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_PolygonBasedPolyhedronCreationModePolyhedron
A class for providing the creation of a Component_MeshGeometry_PolygonBasedPolyhedron in the editor.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_PolygonBasedPolyhedron_Point
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Prism
Mesh geometry in the form of a prism.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Procedural
Base component for mesh geometry procedural generation.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Sphere
Mesh geometry in the form of a sphere.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Stairs
Mesh geometry in the form of a stairs.
Public classComponent_MeshGeometry_Torus
Mesh geometry in the form of a torus.
Public classComponent_MeshInSpace
Mesh in the scene.
Public classComponent_MeshInSpaceAnimationController
An animation controller for the mesh in space.
Public classComponent_MeshInSpaceAnimationControllerAnimationStateClass
Public classComponent_MeshInSpaceAnimationControllerAnimationStateClassAnimationItem
Public classComponent_MeshLevelOfDetail
Component for the level of detail configuration.
Public classComponent_MeshModifier
Declares modifier of the mesh. Using mesh modifiers, you can change the output data provided by the mesh; they do not change the original mesh data.
Public classComponent_MeshModifier_BoxUV
Mesh modifier for calculating texture coordinates in the form of a box.
Public classComponent_MeshModifier_RandomizePosition
A mesh modifier that adds a random offset to the position of the vertices.
Public classComponent_Method
The component for adding a virtual method to the parent component.
Public classComponent_MethodNewObjectSettingsMethod
A set of settings for Component_Method creation in the editor.
Public classComponent_MethodBody
The beginning of the body of the method in the flow graph.
Public classComponent_MethodBodyEnd
The ending of the body of the method in the flow graph.
Public classComponent_ObjectInSpace
Abstract object in the scene.
Public classComponent_ObjectInSpaceCheckSelectionByRayContext
Public classComponent_ObjectInSpaceRenderingContext
Object to control the process of displaying objects in the scene.
Public classComponent_ObjectInSpace_Utility
Auxiliary class to work with Component_ObjectInSpace.
Public classComponent_PaintLayer
Specifies a layer for the terrain or for the mesh. It defined by a material and a mask.
Public classComponent_ParticleAccelerationByTime
The base class of the module for changing the speed of a particle.
Public classComponent_ParticleAngularAccelerationByTime
Specifies an angular velocity acceleration of the particles depending on their lifetime.
Public classComponent_ParticleAngularSpeedMultiplierByTime
Specifies an angular speed multiplier of the particles depending on their lifetime.
Public classComponent_ParticleAngularVelocityByTime
Specifies an angular velocity of the particles depending on their lifetime.
Public classComponent_ParticleColorMultiplierByTime
Specifies a color multiplier of the particles depending on their lifetime.
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitter
A source of new particles of a particle system.
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterAnglesProperty
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterColorValueProperty
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterIntegerProperty
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterSingleProperty
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterShape
Base class of a shape of a particle system emitter.
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterShape_Box
A shape in the form of a box of a particle system emitter.
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterShape_Cylinder
A shape in the form of a cylinder of a particle system emitter.
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterShape_Point
A shape in the form of a point of a particle system emitter.
Public classComponent_ParticleEmitterShape_Sphere
A shape in the form of a sphere of a particle system emitter.
Public classComponent_ParticleLinearAccelerationByTime
Specifies a linear velocity acceleration of the particles depending on their lifetime.
Public classComponent_ParticleLinearSpeedMultiplierByTime
Specifies a linear speed multiplier of the particles depending on their lifetime.
Public classComponent_ParticleLinearVelocityByTime
Specifies a linear velocity of the particles depending on their lifetime.
Public classComponent_ParticleModule
Public classComponent_ParticleModuleCustom
Custom particle module.
Public classComponent_ParticleSizeMultiplierByTime
Specifies a size multiplier of the particles depending on their lifetime.
Public classComponent_ParticleSpeedMultiplierByTime
The base class of the module for changing the speed multiplier of a particle.
Public classComponent_ParticleSystem
Defines a particle system.
Public classComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledData
Represents precalculated data of Component_ParticleSystem.
Public classComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataEmitter
Public classComponent_ParticleSystemInSpace
Particle system in the scene.
Public classComponent_ParticleVelocityByTime
The base class of the module for changing the velocity of a particle.
Public classComponent_Pathfinding
Navigation mesh pathfinding.
Public classComponent_Pathfinding_FindPathContext
The data to execution finding path.
Public classComponent_Pathfinding_Geometry
Represents a geometry data for pathfinding calculation.
Public classComponent_Pathfinding_GeometryTag
Represents the tag to mark a geometry data for pathfinding calculation.
Public classComponent_Pathfinding_SettingsCell
Represents an additional GUI under properties for pathfinding component.
Public classComponent_Pathfinding_TestMode
Represents a test mode in the editor for pathfinding component.
Public classComponent_PhysicalBody
Base class for rigid and soft body components.
Public classComponent_PhysicalBody2D
Base class for rigid and soft body 2D components.
Public classComponent_PhysicalMaterial
Specifies a physical material that defines the response of a physical object when interacting with the world.
Public classComponent_Product
Represents the product build settings.
Public classComponent_Product_Android
Represents the product build settings for Android.
Public classComponent_Product_UWP
Represents the product build settings for UWP.
Public classComponent_Product_Windows
Represents the product build settings for Windows.
Public classComponent_ProjectSettings
Component representing the settings of the project.
Public classComponent_ProjectSettingsMetadataGetMembersContextForPage
Public classComponent_ProjectSettingsRibbonAndToolbarActionsClass
Public classComponent_ProjectSettingsRibbonAndToolbarActionsClassActionItem
Public classComponent_ProjectSettingsRibbonAndToolbarActionsClassGroupItem
Public classComponent_ProjectSettingsRibbonAndToolbarActionsClassTabItem
Public classComponent_ProjectSettingsShortcutSettingsClass
Public classComponent_ProjectSettingsShortcutSettingsClassActionItem
Public classComponent_ProjectSettings_Page
Represents a page of the project settings.
Public classComponent_ProjectSettings_PageBasic
Represents a basic page of project settings.
Public classComponent_Property
The component for adding a virtual property to the parent component.
Public classComponent_ReflectionProbe
The camera that captures surroundings in the scene and passes information to the reflective surfaces.
Public classComponent_RegulatorSwitchInSpace
Regulator switch in the scene.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect
Base class of all rendering effects.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffectCompiledData
Represents a precalculated data of Component_RenderingEffect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffectDefaultOrderOfEffectAttribute
Attribute to configure default order of rendering effects.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_AmbientOcclusion
Ambient occlusion screen effect (ASSAO).
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Antialiasing
Anti-aliasing screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Bloom
Screen effect for adding a bloom of the image.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_ChromaticAberration
Chromatic aberration screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_CodeGenerated
The component for creation of the fullscreen rendering effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_CodeGeneratedCompiledDataCodeGenerated
Represents a precalculated data of Component_RenderingEffect_CodeGenerated.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_CodeGeneratedNewObjectSettingsEffect
A set of settings for creation Component_RenderingEffect_CodeGenerated in the editor.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_ColorGrading
Screen effect of adding the color correction to the image.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_DepthOfField
Depth of field screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_EdgeDetection
Edge detection screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_GaussianBlur
Gaussian blur screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Grayscale
Screen effect that turns the image into the grayscale.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_IndirectLighting
Indirect lighting screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_LensEffects
Screen effect for rendering lens effects of the camera (lens flares).
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_LightShafts
Screen effect for adding light shafts (god rays).
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_MotionBlur
Per-object motion blur.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Noise
Rendering effect to show random noise on the screen.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Outline
Outline screen effect for objects.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Pixelate
Pixelization screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Posterize
Posterization screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_RadialBlur
Radial blur screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_ScreenSpaceReflection
Screen space reflection screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Sharpen
Screen effect for adding sharpness to the image.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_ShowRenderTarget
Screen effect that shows internal render targets.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Simple
Base class of simple rendering effects.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_SimpleCompiledDataSimple
Represents a precalculated data of Component_RenderingEffect_Simple.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_ToHDR
Screen effect for converting scene to high dynamic range.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_ToLDR
Screen effect for converting scene to low dynamic range.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_ToneMapping
Tone mapping screen effect.
Public classComponent_RenderingEffect_Vignetting
Rendering effect to show darkened corners on the screen.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipeline
The rendering pipeline of the scene.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneData
Prepared data for scene rendering.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataLightItem
Prepared light item data for scene rendering.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataMeshDataRenderOperation
Prepared rendering operation data of mesh for scene rendering.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataMeshItemAnimationDataClass
Prepared animation data of mesh for scene rendering.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipelineShadowCasterData
Represents a list of material passes for shadow caster.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipeline_Basic
Basic rendering pipeline.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicFrameData
Represents a data for rendering frame.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicLightItem
Represents a calculated data of a light during scene rendering.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicReflectionProbeItem
Represents a calculated data of a reflection probe during scene rendering.
Public classComponent_RenderingPipeline_Default
The default implementation of rendering pipeline.
Public classComponent_RenderTargetInSpace
The component intended to manage and display render target in the scene.
Public classComponent_RenderToFile
A tool for rendering a scene to a file. It intended to create screenshots and to create materials.
Public classComponent_ResultCompileT
Base class for objects that prepare a result.
Public classComponent_RigidBody
Rigid physical body.
Public classComponent_RigidBody2D
2D rigid physical body.
Public classComponent_Scene
Represents a scene.
Public classComponent_SceneGetObjectsInSpaceItem
Public classComponent_SceneNewObjectSettingsScene
A set of settings for creation Component_Scene in the editor.
Public classComponent_SceneNewObjectSettingsSceneTemplateClass
Represents a template of a new scene type.
Public classComponent_ScenePhysicsWorldDataClass
Provides a data of Bullet physics engine.
Public classComponent_Scene_Utility
Public classComponent_Sensor
The event trigger in the scene. The sensor allows you to select scene objects by a given volume or ray.
Public classComponent_Sensor2D
The event trigger in the scene with 2D physics support.
Public classComponent_Sequence
The component provides the ability to perform several branches in succession.
Public classComponent_SetVariable
The component used to set the value of a virtual variable.
Public classComponent_ShaderParameter
A component to configure access to external parameter for material or screen effect. Its used in the visual graph editor.
Public classComponent_ShaderScript
The component for compilation shader code.
Public classComponent_ShaderScriptCompiledShaderScript
Represents a compiled data of Component_ShaderScript.
Public classComponent_ShaderScriptCompiledShaderScriptParameter
Public classComponent_ShaderTextureSample
A component to configure texture sampling for material or screen effect. It's used in the visual graph editor.
Public classComponent_Skeleton
Represents mesh skeleton as a collection of bones. Used for a mesh animation.
Public classComponent_SkeletonAnimation
Represents mesh skeleton animation. Defines when and which animation track will be used by skeleton.
Public classComponent_SkeletonAnimationTrack
Represents the track of a skeleton animation. Defines how mesh skeleton bones will move in space.
Public classComponent_SkeletonBone
Represents a bone of a mesh skeleton, how it is positioned in space.
Public classComponent_Sky
Base class of skies.
Public classComponent_Skybox
Implements the sky is using cubemap or panoramic image.
Public classComponent_Sleep
A flow control component representing the sleeping for the specified number of seconds.
Public classComponent_SoftBody
Soft physical body.
Public classComponent_Sound
The component containing sound data.
Public classComponent_SoundCompiledData
Represents a precalculated data of Component_Sound.
Public classComponent_SoundSource
Ambient sound in the scene.
Public classComponent_Sprite
Sprite in the scene.
Public classComponent_SpriteAnimation
Represents animation for the sprite.
Public classComponent_SpriteAnimationController
An animation controller for the sprite.
Public classComponent_SpriteAnimationFrame
Represents a key frame for the sprite animation.
Public classComponent_StoreProduct
Represents the data for an item for the NeoAxis Store.
Public classComponent_Surface
A component defines how a surface looks on another geometries. It is looks like a material, but with more features.
Public classComponent_SurfaceArea
Represents an area that filled by surface.
Public classComponent_SurfaceAreaCreationModeSurfaceArea
A class for providing the creation of a Component_SurfaceArea in the editor.
Public classComponent_SurfaceElement
Represents an element for configuring Component_Surface.
Public classComponent_SurfaceElement_Mesh
Represents a mesh element for configuring Component_Surface.
Public classComponent_SurfaceGroupOfElements
Represents a group of elements for configuring Component_Surface.
Public classComponent_SurfaceLayer
Represents a data to specify layer of Component_Surface or material on an object.
Public classComponent_Switch
Component representing the switch-statement.
Public classComponent_Terrain
Heightmap based terrain.
Public classComponent_Text2D
A scene object displaying 2D text on the screen.
Public classComponent_Text3D
A scene object displaying 3D text in the scene.
Public classComponent_TransformOffset
Represents object transformation. Can be used in pair with other transformations to calculate resulting offset of position, rotation, scale.
Public classComponent_Weapon
Base class for making weapons.
Public classComponent_Weapon2D
Base class for making weapons.
Public classComponent_While
Component representing a while statement loop.
Public classComponent_WorldGenerator
A tool for procedural scene generation.
Public classComponent_WorldGeneratorTemplateData
Public classComponent_WorldGeneratorTemplateDataSurfaceItem
Public classComponentHierarchyController
The class for managing the component hierarchy.
Public classComponentsHidePublic
The class is intended for accessing component methods that are preferable to hide from public access. This is done to avoid cluttering up the component classes.
Public classComponentUtility
Auxiliary class for working with components.
Public classConvexDecomposition
Class for calculating convex shapes by a mesh. VHACD library is used.
Public classConvexDecompositionCluster
Represents a cluster of data for ConvexDecomposition.
Public classConvexDecompositionSettings
Represents a settings for ConvexDecomposition.
Public classConvexHullAlgorithm
Class for calculating convex hull by a mesh.
Public classConvexHullAlgorithmConvexFaceTVertex
A default convex face representation.
Public classConvexHullAlgorithmConvexFaceTVertex, TFace
A convex face representation containing adjacency information.
Public classConvexHullAlgorithmConvexHullTVertex, TFace
Representation of a convex hull.
Public classConvexHullAlgorithmConvexVertex
Represents a vertex.
Public classConvexPolygon
Represents a convex polygon.
Public classConvexPolyhedron
Represents a convex polyhedron.
Public classCRC32
Class for calculation CRC32 checksums.
Public classCriticalSection
Public classCSharpProjectFileUtility
Auxiliary class for working with C# project files.
Public classCSharpScriptContext
Scripting context variables container.
Public classCSharpScriptGeneratedAttribute
Internal attribute of the engine for compiling C# scripts.
Public classCubemapProcessing
Class for processing cubemaps.
Public classCurve
Base class of curves.
Public classCurve1F
Base class of curves.
Public classCurveBezier
Represents a Bezier curve.
Public classCurveBezierPath
Represents a path of Bezier curves.
Public classCurveCubicSpline
Represents a cubic curve.
Public classCurveCubicSpline1F
Represents a cubic curve.
Public classCurveLine
Represents a curve with flat lines.
Public classCurveRoundedLine
Represents a curve with rounded corners.
Public classCurveSpline
Base class of spline curves.
Public classCurveSpline1F
Base class of spline curves.
Public classDataBlock
The class allows to store the data information in the hierarchical form. Supports creation of children and attributes.
Public classDataBlockAttribute
Defines DataBlock attribute.
Public classDataBlockUtility
Auxiliary class for work with DataBlock.
Public classDDSTextureTools
Class for generating images in DDS format.
Public classDDSTextureToolsDDSImage
Data of an image for DDSTextureTools.
Public classDDSTextureToolsDDSImageSurface
Surface data of an image for DDSTextureTools.
Public classDebugInfoPage
Represents a base class of info page for Debug Window of the editor.
Public classDebugInfoPage_Memory
Represents a page with memory using information for Debug Window of the editor.
Public classDebugInfoPage_RenderResources
Represents a page with information about render resources for Debug Window of the editor.
Public classDebugInfoPage_RenderStatistics
Represents a page with rendering statistics for Debug Window of the editor.
Public classDebugInfoPage_Sound
Represents a page with sound system information for Debug Window of the editor.
Public classDefaultValueReferenceAttribute
Specifies the default reference value.
Public classDisplayNameEnumAttribute
Public classEDictionaryTKey, TValue
The class is an associative container that stores elements formed by a combination of a key value and a mapped value. This implementation keeps insertion order.
Public classEngineApp
Base class for the working the engine.
Public classEngineAppCreatedInsideEngineWindowClass
Provides data for case when application window is created by the engine.
Public classEngineAppInitSettings
Represents engine's initialization settings.
Public classEngineBackgroundTasks
This class is used to perform engine's operations in a background.
Public classEngineConfig
Class for working with the application config.
Public classEngineConfigParameter
Represents a parameter for EngineConfig.
Public classEngineConfigAttribute
Attribute to save the property or field in the application config.
Public classEngineConsole
Public classEngineConsoleCommand
Public classEngineInfo
Provides general information about the engine.
Public classEngineSettings
Specifies the engine settings.
Public classEngineSettingsInit
Represents initialization parameters for EngineSettings.
Public classEngineThreading
Class for multi-threading in the engine.
Public classEnumUtility
Public classESetT
The class is a container that stores unique elements. This implementation keeps insertion order.
Public classEUserControl
Provides an empty control that can be used to create other controls. It differs from the base UserControlin that the OnDestroy method provides.
Public classExpressionCalculator
Class for calculation math expressions defined as string.
Public classExpressionCalculatorFunctionDefinition
Represents a function definition for ExpressionCalculator.
Public classExpressionCalculatorPreparedExpression
Represents a result of ExpressionCalculator.
Public classFastRandom
Represents a pseudo-random number generator, a device that produces a sequence of numbers that meet certain statistical requirements for randomness.
Public classFlow
A flow instance of the engine.
Public classFlowExecutionStackItem
Represents a stack item of execution of Flow.
Public classFlowGraphBrowsable
Attribute to configure the visibility of an type in flow graph editor.
Public classFlowGraphRepresentationData
Represents a data provided to flow graph editor by objects.
Public classFlowInput
Represents an input connector data for Flow.
Public classFrustum
Defines a frustum and helps determine whether objects intersect with it.
Public classGaussianBlurMath
Provides the functions for calculating parameters of Gaussian blur.
Public classGaussianBlurMathResult
Represents a result data for GaussianBlurMath.
Public classGpuBufferManager
Class for managing hardware buffers.
Public classGpuIndexBuffer
Represents an index buffer.
Public classGpuLinkedProgram
Represents a linked GPU programs, usually a pair of vertex and fragment programs.
Public classGpuMaterialPass
Specifies the material settings when rendering.
Public classGpuProgram
Base class for GPU programs.
Public classGpuProgramManager
GPU programs manager.
Public classGpuTexture
Represents a texture.
Public classGpuTextureSurfaceData
Represents a surface data of GpuTexture.
Public classGpuVertexBuffer
Represents a vertex buffer.
Public classIComponent_InteractiveObject_ObjectInfo
Public classImageUtility
An auxiliary class for working with images.
Public classImageUtilityImage2D
Represents a 2D image data for ImageUtility.
Public classInputMessage
Public classInputMessageInputEnabledChanged
Public classInputMessageJoystick
Public classInputMessageKey
Public classInputMessageKeyDown
Public classInputMessageKeyPress
Public classInputMessageKeyUp
Public classInputMessageMouse
Public classInputMessageMouseButton
Public classInputMessageMouseButtonDown
Public classInputMessageMouseButtonUp
Public classInputMessageMouseDoubleClick
Public classInputMessageMouseMove
Public classInputMessageMouseRelativeModeChanged
Public classInputMessageMouseWheel
Public classInputMessageSpecialInputDevice
Public classInputMessageTouch
Public classIOUtility
Helper class for working with files and folders.
Public classKeyEvent
Provides data for the key down and key up events.
Public classKeyPressEvent
Provides data for the key press event.
Public classKnownColors
Provides a set of predefined color values for convenience.
Public classLog
Class for working with application logs.
Public classLogHandlers
Provides access to event handlers of Log.
Public classLogPlatformFunctionality
Internal class for implementing the target platform.
Public classMathAlgorithms
A set of mathematical algorithms.
Public classMathEx
Expanded set of basic mathematical operations.
Public classMathUtility
Auxiliary class for working with mathematical types.
Public classMemoryVirtualFileStream
Defines a memory mapped file stream for virtual file system.
Public classMeshRayTestOptimized
Class for quickly determining the intersection of the ray with the mesh.
Public classMeshSimplifier
The mesh simplifier. Deeply based on but rewritten completely in C#.
Public classMetadata
Specifies the engine metadata.
Public classMetadataCloneContext
Provides data when objects are cloning.
Public classMetadataComponentTypeInfo
Represents type declarations for custom class types, interface types, array types, value types, enumeration types, type parameters, generic type definitions, and open or closed constructed generic types.
Public classMetadataDelegate
Represents a delegate, which is a data structure that refers to a static method or to a class instance and an instance method of that class.
Public classMetadataEvent
Keeps the attributes of an event and provides access to event metadata.
Public classMetadataGetMembersContext
Public classMetadataLoadContext
Provides data when objects are loading.
Public classMetadataLoadContextComponentItem
Public classMetadataMember
Obtains information about the attributes of a member and provides access to member metadata.
Public classMetadataMethod
Keeps the attributes of a method and provides access to method metadata.
Public classMetadataNetTypeInfo
Represents type declarations for .NET class types, interface types, array types, value types, enumeration types, type parameters, generic type definitions, and open or closed constructed generic types.
Public classMetadataNetTypeInfoNetEvent
Keeps the attributes of a .NET event and provides access to event metadata.
Public classMetadataNetTypeInfoNetMethod
Keeps the attributes of a .NET method and provides access to method metadata.
Public classMetadataNetTypeInfoNetProperty
Keeps the attributes of a .NET property and provides access to property metadata.
Public classMetadataParameter
Keeps the attributes of a parameter and provides access to parameter metadata.
Public classMetadataProperty
Keeps the attributes of a property and provides access to property metadata.
Public classMetadataSaveContext
Provides data when objects are saving.
Public classMetadataTypeInfo
Represents a base class for type declarations for class types, interface types, array types, value types, enumeration types, type parameters, generic type definitions, and open or closed constructed generic types.
Public classMetadataExtensions
Class for adding engine metadata extensions. Can be used for engine add-ons creation.
Public classMetadataManager
Specifies a manager for working with engine metadata.
Public classMetadataManagerAutoConvertTypeItem
Represents an item of autoconvertable type.
Public classMetadataManagerReferenceType
Represents a data of supported reference type.
Public classMetadataManagerSerializableTypeItem
Represents an item of serializable type.
Public classMetadataManagerSerialization
Provides the functionality of engine serialization.
Public classMetadataManagerSerializationContainerElementData
Provides a element data of container for engine serialization.
Public classMetadataManagerSerializationMemberData
Provides member info for engine serialization.
Public classMetadataManagerSerializationMetadataPropertyData
Provides a property data for engine serialization.
Public classMultiRenderTarget
This class represents a multi render target that renders to a GpuTexture.
Public classMultiRenderTargetItem
Represents an item of MultiRenderTarget.
Public classNativeLibraryManager
Helper class for loading native DLLs.
Public classNativeMemoryManager
Class for working with native memory. Used to get statistics on the use of native memory.
Public classNativeUtility
Class for working with native memory.
Public classNewObjectDefaultNameAttribute
An attribute to specify default name for new instances of the type.
Public classObjectEx
Helper class for working with .NET objects.
Public classObjectSpecialRenderingEffect
Public classObjectSpecialRenderingEffect_Outline
Public classOctreeContainer
The implementation of the Octree container.
Public classOctreeContainerInitSettings
Represents initialization settings of OctreeContainer.
Public classOpenListT
A list that has the ability to directly work with elements of an array. For example, you can access to item by reference.
Public classOpenListNativeT
A list that internally creates a native array.
Public classParameterContainer
Container for parameters of different types. In some cases, used for the preparation of parameters for the GPU.
Public classParameterTypeUtility
Auxiliary class for working with ParameterContainer.
Public classPathfindingUtility
Public classPathUtility
Replacement for Path class to support case insensitive paths.
Public classPhysics2DContactTestItem
The data to perform a search query of physical objects at a specified area.
Public classPhysics2DContactTestItemResultItem
Represents a result item for Physics2DContactTestItem.
Public classPhysics2DExtensions
Auxiliary extension methods for working with the 2D physics engine.
Public classPhysics2DRayTestItem
The data to perform a search query of 2D physical objects by ray.
Public classPhysics2DRayTestItemResultItem
Represents a result item for Physics2DRayTestItem.
Public classPhysics2DUtility
Auxiliary methods for working with the 2D physics engine.
Public classPhysics2DUtilityPhysics2DWorldDataImpl
Public classPhysicsContactTestItem
The data to perform a search query of physical objects at a specified volume.
Public classPhysicsContactTestItemResultItem
Represents a result item for PhysicsContactTestItem.
Public classPhysicsConvexSweepTestItem
The data to perform a search query of physical objects at a specified volume which is defined as transfer an object from one point to another.
Public classPhysicsConvexSweepTestItemResultItem
Represents a result item for PhysicsConvexSweepTestItem.
Public classPhysicsRayTestItem
The data to perform a search query of physical objects by ray.
Public classPhysicsRayTestItemResultItem
Represents a result item for PhysicsRayTestItem.
Public classPixelFormatUtility
Auxiliary class for working with the PixelFormat.
Public classPlatformFunctionality
Internal class for implementing the target platform.
Public classPlatformSpecificUtility
Internal class for implementing the target platform.
Public classPointContainer3D
Public classProcedureUI
The class for working with a procedurally generated GUI.
Public classProcedureUIButton
Represents a button for ProcedureUI.
Public classProcedureUICheck
Represents a check box for ProcedureUI.
Public classProcedureUIControl
Represents a control for ProcedureUI.
Public classProcedureUIEdit
Represents a edit box for ProcedureUI.
Public classProcedureUIForm
Represents a form for ProcedureUI.
Public classProcedureUIText
Represents a text label for ProcedureUI.
Public classProcessUtility
Auxiliary class for working with processes.
Public classProjectSettings
Represents engine project settings.
Public classProjectUtility
Auxiliary class to work with the NeoAxis project.
Public classRandomUtility
Auxiliary class for FastRandom.
Public classRangeAttribute
This attribute specifies the range of possible values of a property or field in the editor.
Public classReadOnlyICollectionT
Read only interface for ICollection.
Public classReferenceListT
List which supports NeoAxis references.
Public classReferenceListTEnumerator
Public classReferenceUtility
Helper class for working with references.
Public classReferenceValueType_Event
Specifies the type to configure a reference to a type event.
Public classReferenceValueType_Member
Specifies the type to configure a reference to a type member.
Public classReferenceValueType_Method
Specifies the type to configure a reference to a type method.
Public classReferenceValueType_Property
Specifies the type to configure a reference to a type property.
Public classReferenceValueType_Resource
Specifies the type to configure a reference to a resource.
Public classReflectionUtility
Auxiliary class for working with .NET reflection.
Public classRendererUtility
Public classRenderingSystem
Various functionality for working with the rendering system.
Public classRenderTarget
A canvas which can receive the results of a rendering operation.
Public classRenderTexture
This class represents a RenderTarget that renders to a GpuTexture.
Public classRenderWindow
Manages the target rendering window.
Public classResource
Specifies a resource of the engine.
Public classResourceInstance
Represents an instance of Resource.
Public classResource_Assembly
The class to handle dynamic link library (DLL) as a resource.
Public classResource_AssemblyInstanceAssembly
Represents an instance of Resource_Assembly.
Public classResource_Font
Represents a resource of a font.
Public classResource_FontInstanceFont
Represents an instance of Resource_Font.
Public classResource_Image
The class to handle image file as a resource.
Public classResource_ImageInstanceImage
Represents an instance of Resource_Image.
Public classResource_Import3D
Represents a resource of source 3D data for import.
Public classResource_Import3DInstanceImport
Represents an instance for Resource_Import3D.
Public classResource_Sound
The class to handle sound file as a resource.
Public classResource_SoundInstanceSound
Represents an instance of Resource_Sound.
Public classResourceFileExtensionAttribute
Attribute to specify the resource file name extension.
Public classResourceManager
Class for working with engine resources.
Public classResourceManagerResourceType
Represents a type of a resource.
Public classResourceUtility
Helper class for working with project base resources.
Public classSceneLODUtility
A helper class to manage level of details of objects.
Public classScreenMessages
Represents a screen messages in the Player.
Public classSerializeAttribute
Specifies that a field or property supports serialization.
Public classShaderConstants
Provides access to constants in shaders.
Public classShaderFunctions
Public classShaderGenerationAutoConstantAttributeAttribute
The attribute for tagging members for use in visual adjustment of materials and effects.
Public classShaderGenerationFunctionAttribute
The attribute for tagging functions for use in visual adjustment of materials and effects.
Public classShaderGenerationPropertyPostfixAttribute
The attribute for tagging access to members of properties for use in visual adjustment of materials and effects.
Public classShaderGenerator
Represents a shader generation tool for materials and effects.
Public classShaderGeneratorPaintLayerOpacityPropertyWithMask
Public classShaderGeneratorResultData
Represents a result data for ShaderGenerator.
Public classShaderGeneratorResultDataAutoConstantParameterItem
Public classShaderGeneratorResultDataParameterItem
Public classShaderGeneratorResultDataTextureItem
Public classSimple3DRenderer
Defines a class for a rendering of simple and dynamic geometry.
Public classSimple3DRendererVertexIndexData
Represents a vertex/index data for using in Simple3DRenderer.
Public classSimpleMeshGenerator
Represents a set of algorithms for generating simple 3D models.
Public classSimpleTypes
Class for unified work with simple types. Mainly used for converting to string and back.
Public classSimpleTypesTypeItem
Represents an item of a type for SimpleTypes.
Public classSound
Represents a sound data of the sound system.
Public classSoundChannelGroup
Represents a group of sound channels of the sound system.
Public classSoundRealChannel
Represents a real sound channel of the sound system.
Public classSoundVirtualChannel
Represents a virtual sound channel of the sound system.
Public classSoundWorld
Represents a sound system of the engine.
Public classSpaceBounds
Represents a class to contain axis aligned bounds box and bounding sphere.
Public classSpriteMeshManager
Public classStartupTiming
Public classStringUtility
Auxiliary class for working with strings.
Public classSystemSettings
Class for getting information about the operating system.
Public classSystemSettingsDisplayInfo
Represents an item for AllDisplays property.
Public classTerrainAssemblyRegistration
Public classTextBlock
The class that allows to store the text information in the hierarchical form. Supports creation of children and attributes.
Public classTextBlockAttribute
Defines TextBlock attribute.
Public classTextBlockUtility
Auxiliary class for work with TextBlock.
Public classThreadSafeDisposable
Specifies a structure for class creation with thread-safe implemetntation of Dispose method.
Public classTime
Class for working with time in the engine.
Public classTransform
Defines the position in space. This class is immutable for optimization purposes.
Public classTransformToolObject_ObjectInSpace
Object implemetation of TransformTool for object in space.
Public classTypeUtility
Helper class for working with engine types.
Public classUIButton
Clickable button.
Public classUICheck
Check box with on/off state. Third state (Indeterminate) is also supported.
Public classUICombo
Represents a drop down combo box.
Public classUIContainer
Base container class for other UI elements.
Public classUIContextMenu
Represents a shortcut menu.
Public classUIContextMenuItem
Public classUIContextMenuItemBase
Public classUIContextMenuSeparator
Public classUIControl
Base class of all UI controls.
Public classUIEdit
Standard UI element for text input.
Public classUIGrid
2D grid of UI controls.
Public classUIImage
Standard control that shows an image.
Public classUIList
Standard control that represents a list.
Public classUIMenu
Represents a menu.
Public classUIProgress
UI element for visualization progress.
Public classUIRenderTarget
UI control with a render target.
Public classUIScroll
Standard UI element for scrolling.
Public classUISlider
Represents a slider.
Public classUISplitContainer
Control the sizing of two panels.
Public classUIStyle
The style of the UI controls.
Public classUIStyleDefault
Represents an default UI style.
Public classUIStyleEmpty
Represents a empty UI style.
Public classUITabControl
Represents a control that contains multiple items that share the same space on the screen.
Public classUIText
Standard UI element for text drawing.
Public classUIToolbar
Represents a toolbar.
Public classUITooltip
Represents a pop-up window that displays a brief description of a control's purpose when the user rests the pointer on the control. Add this object as a child to UIControl.
Public classUITree
Standard control that represents a tree.
Public classUIVideo
The control for video playback. OGV format is supported.
Public classUIWebBrowser
Web browser as a UI element.
Public classUIWebBrowserBeforePopupEventArgs
The data for the popup page notification event.
Public classUIWindow
Represents a window that makes up an application's user interface.
Public classUniqueNameGenerator
Class for generating unique names.
Public classVertexElements
Extensions for working with an array of vertex elements.
Public classViewport
Viewport class, i.e. a rendering region on a render target.
Public classViewportCameraSettingsClass
Camera settings for rendering to viewport.
Public classViewportLastFrameScreenLabelItem
Represents an item for LastFrameScreenLabels list.
Public classViewportRenderingContext
Represents a manager for rendering to viewport.
Public classViewportRenderingContextObjectsDuringUpdateClass
The data provided during the context update process.
Public classViewportRenderingContextStatisticsClass
The data with the statistics of context's working.
Public classVirtualDirectory
Defines a directory for virtual file system.
Public classVirtualFile
Defines a file for virtual file system.
Public classVirtualFileStream
Defines a file stream for virtual file system.
Public classVirtualFileSystem
Class for the implementation of the virtual file system.
Public classVirtualFileSystemDirectories
Provides files paths to engine and project folders.
Public classVirtualFileSystemPreloadFileToMemoryItem
Represents an item of preloadable file to memory.
Public classVirtualFileWatcher
A class for tracking changes to a virtual file system.
Public classVirtualPathUtility
Helper class for working with virtual file paths.
Public classVisualStudioSolutionUtility
Utility class to work with the Visual Studio solution files.
Public classVisualStudioSolutionUtilityBuildConfig
Compilation settings of a solution.
Public classWinFormsUtility
Public classXmlDocumentationFiles
This class reads and provides data from XML documentation files of assemblies.
Public structureAngles
Represents double precision Euler angles.
Public structureAnglesF
Represents single precision Euler angles.
Public structureBounds
Represents a double precision axis-aligned bounding box in three dimensional space.
Public structureBoundsF
Represents a single precision axis-aligned bounding box in three dimensional space.
Public structureBoundsI
Represents an axis-aligned bounding box with integer values in three dimensional space.
Public structureBox
Represents a double precision oriented bounding box in three dimensional space.
Public structureBoxF
Represents a single precision oriented bounding box in three dimensional space.
Public structureCanvasRendererLineItem
Represents line data for CanvasRenderer.
Public structureCanvasRendererShaderItemDefineItem
Public structureCanvasRendererTriangleVertex
Represents triangle vertex data for CanvasRenderer.
Public structureCapsule
Represents a double precision capsule shape.
Public structureCapsule2
Represents a double precision 2D capsule shape.
Public structureCapsule2F
Represents a single precision 2D capsule shape.
Public structureCapsuleF
Represents a single precision capsule shape.
Public structureColorByte
Describes a 32-bit packed color.
Public structureColorValue
Represents a color in the form of RGBA.
Public structureColorValuePowered
Represents a color in the form of RGBA with power component.
Public structureComponentScreenLabelInfo
Public structureComponent_CurveInSpaceSourceDataPoint
Public structureComponent_FontWordWrapLinesItem
Public structureComponent_GroupOfObjectsGetObjectsItemResultItem
Public structureComponent_GroupOfObjectsObject
Represents an object for Component_GroupOfObjects.
Public structureComponent_MaterialCompiledMaterialDataDynamicParametersFragmentUniform
Represents a material data for fragment shader.
Public structureComponent_MeshStructureClassEdge
Public structureComponent_MeshStructureClassFace
Public structureComponent_MeshStructureClassFaceVertex
Public structureComponent_MeshStructureClassVertex
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataAnglesProperty
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataColorValueProperty
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataEmitterAccelerationByTime
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataEmitterColorMultiplierByTime
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataEmitterSizeMultiplierByTime
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataEmitterSpeedMultiplierByTime
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataEmitterVelocityByTime
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataIntegerProperty
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCompiledDataSingleProperty
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemCurvePoint
Public structureComponent_ParticleSystemInSpaceParticle
Represents a particle for Component_ParticleSystemInSpace.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineEnvironmentTextureData
Represents environment texture data.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataActionToDoAfterPrepareListsOfObjectsSortedByDistance
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataBillboardItem
Prepared billboard item data for scene rendering.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataCutVolumeItem
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataDecalItem
Prepared decal item data for scene rendering.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataIMeshDataLODLevel
Prepared rendering LOD data of mesh for scene rendering.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataLayerItem
Specifies data of the layer.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataMeshItem
Prepared mesh item data for scene rendering.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataObjectInstanceData
Specifies instancing data of the object.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataReflectionProbeItem
Prepared reflection probe item data for scene rendering.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataTransparentRenderingAddOffsetWhenSortByDistanceVolumeItem
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicDecalItem
Represents calculated data of a decal during scene rendering.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicFogDefaultUniform
Represents default fog data for a shader.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicFrameDataBillboardItem
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicFrameDataMeshItem
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicFrameDataObjectInSpaceItem
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicLightItemLightDataFragment
Represents data of light for a fragment shader.
Public structureComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicLightItemLightDataVertex
Represents data of light for a vertex shader.
Public structureComponent_RigidBodyContactsDataItem
Public structureComponent_SceneGetObjectsInSpaceItemResultItem
Public structureComponent_SensorResultItem
Public structureComponent_Sensor2DResultItem
Public structureComponent_SkeletonAnimationTrackCalculateBoneTransformsItem
Represents an output item for bone transforms calculation.
Public structureComponent_SkeletonAnimationTrackKeyFrame
Represents key frame data of Component_SkeletonAnimationTrack.
Public structureComponent_SurfaceGetRandomVariationOptions
Public structureCone
Represents a double precision cone shape.
Public structureConeF
Represents a single precision cone shape.
Public structureConvexPolyhedronEdge
Represents an edge of ConvexPolyhedron.
Public structureConvexPolyhedronFace
Represents a face of ConvexPolyhedron.
Public structureCurvePoint
Represents a point of Curve.
Public structureCurve1FPoint
Represents a point of Curve.
Public structureCylinder
Represents a double precision cylinder shape.
Public structureCylinderF
Represents a single precision cylinder shape.
Public structureDegree
Represents a double precision degree unit value.
Public structureDegreeF
Represents a single precision degree unit value.
Public structureHalf
Represents a half-precision floating point number.
Public structureLine2
Represents a double precision line in two-dimensional space.
Public structureLine2F
Represents a single precision line in two-dimensional space.
Public structureLine3
Represents a double precision line in three-dimensional space.
Public structureLine3F
Represents a single precision line in three-dimensional space.
Public structureMatrix2
A structure encapsulating a double precision 2x2 matrix.
Public structureMatrix2F
A structure encapsulating a single precision 2x2 matrix.
Public structureMatrix3
A structure encapsulating a double precision 3x3 matrix.
Public structureMatrix3F
A structure encapsulating a single precision 3x3 matrix.
Public structureMatrix3x4F
A structure encapsulating a single precision 3x4 matrix.
Public structureMatrix4
A structure encapsulating a double precision 4x4 matrix.
Public structureMatrix4F
A structure encapsulating a single precision 4x4 matrix.
Public structureMeshRayTestOptimizedResultItem
Represents result data for MeshRayTestOptimized.
Public structureMeshSimplifierBlendShape
A blend shape.
Public structureMeshSimplifierBlendShapeFrame
A blend shape frame.
Public structureMeshSimplifierBoneWeight
Public structureMeshSimplifierSimplificationOptionsStruct
Options for mesh simplification.
Public structureOctreeContainerGetObjectsRayOutputData
Represents returned data upon request from OctreeContainer.
Public structureParameterContainerNamedParameter
Represents parameter data of ParameterContainer which specified by name.
Public structureParameterContainerUniformParameter
Represents parameter data of ParameterContainer which specified by uniform identifier.
Public structurePlane
Represents a double precision plane in three-dimensional space.
Public structurePlaneF
Represents a single precision plane in three-dimensional space.
Public structureQuaternion
Represents a double precision four-dimensional mathematical quaternion.
Public structureQuaternionF
Represents a double single precision four-dimensional mathematical quaternion.
Public structureRadian
Represents a double precision radian unit value.
Public structureRadianF
Represents a single precision radian unit value.
Public structureRange
A structure encapsulating a double precision range.
Public structureRangeColorValue
A structure encapsulating a single precision vector 3 range.
Public structureRangeF
A structure encapsulating a single precision range.
Public structureRangeI
A structure encapsulating an integer values range.
Public structureRangeVector3F
A structure encapsulating a single precision vector 3 range.
Public structureRay
Represents a double precision three-dimensional line based on a point in space and a direction.
Public structureRay2
Represents a double precision two-dimensional line based on a point in space and a direction.
Public structureRay2F
Represents a single precision two-dimensional line based on a point in space and a direction.
Public structureRayF
Represents a single precision three-dimensional line based on a point in space and a direction.
Public structureRectangle
Represents a rectangle with double precision floating values.
Public structureRectangleF
Represents a rectangle with single precision floating values.
Public structureRectangleI
Represents a rectangle with integer values.
Public structureReferenceT
Specifies a reference of the engine.
Public structureReferenceFieldT
Public structureReferenceNoValue
Specifies a structure of ReferenceT value without real value. The structure is used to transfer the value of the reference without specifying the value type.
Public structureSceneLODUtilityLodState
Public structureSimple3DRendererVertex
Represents vertex data for Simple3DRenderer.
Public structureSimpleMeshGeneratorFace
Public structureSimpleMeshGeneratorFaceVertex
Public structureSoundVirtualChannelRolloffGraphItem
Represents an item for RolloffGraph method.
Public structureSphere
Represents a double precision sphere shape.
Public structureSphereF
Represents a single precision sphere shape.
Public structureSphericalDirection
Represents a double precision spherical coordinate system direction.
Public structureSphericalDirectionF
Represents a single precision spherical coordinate system direction.
Public structureStandardVertex
The declaration of the standard vertex. This structure of the mesh vertex data can be used in most cases.
Public structureStandardVertexStaticOneTexCoord
Represents a simplified version of StandardVertex with one channel of texture coordinates and without animation data.
Public structureStartupTimingCounterItem
Public structureThreadSafeExchangeAnyT
Specifies a structure for thread-safe storage of values of any type.
Public structureThreadSafeExchangeBool
Specifies a structure for thread-safe storage of boolean value.
Public structureThreadSafeExchangeClassT
Specifies a structure for thread-safe storage of values of a class.
Public structureTriangle
Represents a double precision triangle in three-dimensional space.
Public structureTriangleF
Represents a single precision triangle in three-dimensional space.
Public structureUIMeasureValueDouble
Represents a value to indicate a floating point value for UI elements.
Public structureUIMeasureValueRectangle
Represents a value to indicate a rectangle value for UI elements.
Public structureUIMeasureValueVector2
Represents a value to indicate a two-dimensional vector value for UI elements.
Public structureVector2
A structure encapsulating two double precision floating point values.
Public structureVector2F
A structure encapsulating two single precision floating point values.
Public structureVector2I
A structure encapsulating two integer values.
Public structureVector3
A structure encapsulating three double precision floating point values.
Public structureVector3F
A structure encapsulating three single precision floating point values.
Public structureVector3I
A structure encapsulating three integer values.
Public structureVector4
A structure encapsulating four double precision floating point values.
Public structureVector4F
A structure encapsulating four single precision floating point values.
Public structureVector4I
A structure encapsulating four integer values.
Public structureVertexElement
This structure declares the usage of a single vertex buffer as a component of a complete vertex declaration.
Public structureViewportRenderingContextBindTextureData
Represents a texture binding settings.
Public interfaceComponent_IPhysicalObject
An interface for accessing a component of a physical object.
Public interfaceComponent_RenderingPipelineIFrameData
Represents an interface to access a data for rendering frame.
Public interfaceComponent_RenderingPipelineRenderSceneDataIMeshData
Prepared mesh data for scene rendering.
Public interfaceComponent_SceneIPhysics2DWorldData
Public interfaceConvexHullAlgorithmIVertex
An interface for a structure with nD position.
Public interfaceICanParseFromAndConvertToString
An interface confirming that the type has a static method Parse(string text) and value can converted to string by means ToString().
Public interfaceIComponent_CanBeSelectedInHierarchy
Public interfaceIComponent_GameMode
An interface for the object to interact Player app with the scene.
Public interfaceIComponent_InteractiveObject
An interface of interactive object in the scene.
Public interfaceIComponent_Item
Public interfaceIComponent_Item2D
Public interfaceIComponent_Pathfinding
An interface for navigation mesh pathfinding.
Public interfaceIComponent_SoftBody
Public interfaceIComponent_Terrain
Public interfaceIComponent_VisibleInHierarchy
Public interfaceIFlowExecutionComponent
An interface for components to support flows of the engine.
Public interfaceIFlowGraphRepresentationData
An interface to provide FlowGraphRepresentationData.
Public interfaceIReference
Public interfaceIReferenceList
Public interfaceMetadataIMetadataProvider
An interface to provide engine's metadata.
Public delegateAssemblyUtilityRegisterAssemblyEventDelegate
Public delegateComponentAddedToParentDelegate
Public delegateComponentCloneEventDelegate
Public delegateComponentComponentAddedDelegate
Public delegateComponentComponentRemovedDelegate
Public delegateComponentLoadEventDelegate
Public delegateComponentMetadataGetMemberBySignatureDelegate
Public delegateComponentMetadataGetMembersDelegate
Public delegateComponentMetadataGetMembersFilterEventDelegate
Public delegateComponentRemovedFromParentDelegate
Public delegateComponentSaveEventDelegate
Public delegateComponentUpdateEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_AITaskTaskSimulationStepDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ButtonInSpaceCanClickDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ButtonInSpaceClickDelegate
Public delegateComponent_CameraManagementGetCameraSettingsEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_CameraManagementIsNeedMouseRelativeModeEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_CameraManagementIsNeedRenderObjectInteractionEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_CameraManagementPickInteractiveObjectEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_CharacterUpdateCollisionBodyEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Character2DUpdateCollisionBodyEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ComponentHostComponentCreatedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ComponentHostComponentDestroyedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ComputeUsingThreadsBeforeComputeDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ComputeUsingThreadsComputeEndDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ComputeUsingThreadsComputeThreadDelegate
Public delegateComponent_GameModeGetCameraSettingsEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_GameModeInputMessageEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_GameModeIsNeedMouseRelativeModeEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_GameModePickInteractiveObjectEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_GroupOfObjectsBaseObjectsChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Import3DUpdatePostProcessDelegate
Public delegateComponent_InputProcessingInputMessageEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MaterialCheckDecalSupportEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MaterialCheckDeferredShadingSupportEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MaterialCheckReceiveDecalsSupportEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeasuringToolUpdateTextDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshMeshCompileEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshMeshCompilePostProcessEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshGeometryGetDataOfThisObjectEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshInSpaceGetRenderSceneDataAddToFrameDataDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshInSpaceMeshOutputOverrideDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshInSpaceReplaceMaterialSelectivelyChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshInSpaceAnimationControllerAnimationStateClassAdditionalBoneTransformsUpdateDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshInSpaceAnimationControllerCalculateBoneTransformsDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshModifierApplyToMeshDataEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_MeshModifierBakeIntoMeshEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ObjectInSpaceGetRenderSceneDataDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ObjectInSpaceSpaceBoundsUpdateEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ObjectInSpaceSpaceBoundsUpdateIncludeChildrenEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ObjectInSpaceTransformUpdatingEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleAccelerationByTimeCurveChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleColorMultiplierByTimeCurveChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleEmitterShapeGetLocalPositionDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleEmitterShapeRenderDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleModuleCustomUpdateAfterDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleModuleCustomUpdateBeforeDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleSizeMultiplierByTimeCurveChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleSpeedMultiplierByTimeCurveChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ParticleVelocityByTimeCurveChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderingEffectRenderEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderingEffect_SimpleSetShaderParametersEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicFogExtensionGetUniformDataDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicInitLightDataBuffersEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicRenderBeginDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicRenderDeferredShadingEndDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicRenderEndDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderTargetInSpaceGetCameraEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderTargetInSpaceGetCameraSettingsEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderTargetInSpaceSceneCreatedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_RenderTargetInSpaceSceneDestroyedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SceneGetDisplayDevelopmentDataInThisApplicationOverrideDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SceneGetObjectsInSpaceOverrideDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SceneGetRenderSceneDataDelegate
Public delegateComponent_ScenePhysics2DGetWorldDataInitDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SceneRenderEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SceneViewportUpdateBeginDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SceneViewportUpdateEndDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SceneViewportUpdateGetCameraSettingsDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SensorCalculateObjectsEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SensorFilterObjectEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SensorObjectEnterLeaveDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SensorObjectsChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Sensor2DCalculateObjectsEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Sensor2DFilterObjectEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Sensor2DObjectEnterLeaveDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Sensor2DObjectsChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SoundSourceBeforePlayEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SpriteAnimationGetFrameByTimeEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SurfaceGetRandomVariationEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_SurfaceAreaUpdateOutputEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_TerrainBaseObjectsChangedDelegate
Public delegateComponent_TerrainGetHeightWithoutPositionOverrideDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Text2DRenderAfterDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Text2DRenderBackAfterDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Text2DRenderBackBeforeDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Text2DRenderBeforeDelegate
Public delegateComponent_WeaponCanFireDelegate
Public delegateComponent_WeaponFireDelegate
Public delegateComponent_WeaponGetBulletWorldInitialTransformEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Weapon2DCanFireDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Weapon2DFireDelegate
Public delegateComponent_Weapon2DGetBulletWorldInitialTransformEventDelegate
Public delegateComponent_WorldGeneratorGetTemplateDataDelegate
Public delegateEngineAppEnginePausedChangedDelegate
Public delegateEngineAppRegisterConfigParameterDelegate
Public delegateEngineAppTickDelegate
Public delegateEngineAppWindowsWndProcDelegate
Public delegateEngineBackgroundTasksUpdateDelegate
Public delegateEngineConfigRegisterConfigParameterDelegate
Public delegateEngineConfigSaveEventDelegate
Public delegateEngineConsoleCommandMethod
Public delegateEngineConsoleCommandMethodExtended
Public delegateExpressionCalculatorFunctionDelegate
Public delegateImageUtilityImageAutoCompressionDetectTypeOverrideDelegate
Public delegateLogAfterFatalDelegate
Public delegateLogHandlersLogDelegate
Public delegateLogHandlersLogFatalHandledDelegate
Public delegateLogHandlersLogHandledDelegate
Public delegateMathAlgorithmsDrawPixelDelegate
Public delegateMetadataEventInvokeEventDelegate
Public delegateMetadataMethodInvokeEventDelegate
Public delegateMetadataPropertyGetValueImplEventDelegate
Public delegateMetadataPropertySetValueImplEventDelegate
Public delegateMetadataManagerAutoConvertTypeItemConvertDelegate
Public delegateMetadataManagerGetValueByReferenceOverrideDelegate
Public delegateMetadataManagerReferenceTypeGetMemberDelegate
Public delegateMetadataManagerReferenceTypeGetValueDelegate
Public delegateMetadataManagerSerializableTypeItemCloneDelegate
Public delegateMetadataManagerSerializableTypeItemLoadDelegate
Public delegateMetadataManagerSerializableTypeItemSaveDelegate
Public delegateRenderingSystem_InternalLogMessageDelegate
Public delegateRenderingSystemOcclusionQueryResult
Public delegateRenderingSystemRenderSystemEventDelegate
Public delegateResourceInstanceLoadOverrideDelegate
Public delegateSimpleTypesParseTypeDelegate
Public delegateSoundWorldDataReadDelegate
Public delegateUIButtonClickDelegate
Public delegateUICheckClickDelegate
Public delegateUIComboSelectedIndexChangedDelegate
Public delegateUIContextMenuItemClickDelegate
Public delegateUIControlAfterRenderUIWithChildrenEventDelegate
Public delegateUIControlBeforeRenderUIWithChildrenEventDelegate
Public delegateUIControlControlDefaultEventDelegate
Public delegateUIControlJoystickEventDelegate
Public delegateUIControlKeyDownDelegate
Public delegateUIControlKeyPressDelegate
Public delegateUIControlKeyUpDelegate
Public delegateUIControlMouseButtonDelegate
Public delegateUIControlMouseMoveDelegate
Public delegateUIControlMouseUpDelegate
Public delegateUIControlMouseWheelDelegate
Public delegateUIControlRenderUIDelegate
Public delegateUIControlSpecialInputDeviceEventDelegate
Public delegateUIControlTouchDelegate
Public delegateUIListItemMouseDoubleClickDelegate
Public delegateUIListSelectedIndexChangedDelegate
Public delegateUIRenderTargetGetCameraEventDelegate
Public delegateUIRenderTargetGetCameraSettingsEventDelegate
Public delegateUIRenderTargetSceneCreatedDelegate
Public delegateUIRenderTargetSceneDestroyedDelegate
Public delegateUIStyleButtonClickDelegate
Public delegateUIStyleButtonMouseEnterDelegate
Public delegateUIStyleButtonMouseLeaveDelegate
Public delegateUIStyleCheckClickDelegate
Public delegateUIStyleCheckMouseEnterDelegate
Public delegateUIStyleCheckMouseLeaveDelegate
Public delegateUIStyleRenderComponentDelegate
Public delegateUITabControlSelectedIndexChangedDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserAddressChangedDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserBeforePopupDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserDownloadBeforeDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserDownloadUpdatedDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserLoadEndDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserLoadErrorDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserLoadingStateChangedDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserLoadStartDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserTargetUrlChangedDelegate
Public delegateUIWebBrowserTitleChangedDelegate
Public delegateViewportInstantCameraMovementDelegate
Public delegateViewportJoystickEventDelegate
Public delegateViewportKeyDownDelegate
Public delegateViewportKeyPressDelegate
Public delegateViewportKeyUpDelegate
Public delegateViewportMouseDoubleClickDelegate
Public delegateViewportMouseDownDelegate
Public delegateViewportMouseMoveDelegate
Public delegateViewportMouseRelativeModeChangedDelegate
Public delegateViewportMouseUpDelegate
Public delegateViewportMouseWheelDelegate
Public delegateViewportSpecialInputDeviceEventDelegate
Public delegateViewportTickDelegate
Public delegateViewportTouchDelegate
Public delegateViewportUpdateDefaultDelegate
Public delegateViewportUpdateGetObjectInSceneRenderingContextDelegate
Public delegateVirtualFileWatcherUpdateDelegate
Public enumerationAutoTrueFalse
Public enumerationCanvasRendererAddTextOptions
Public enumerationCanvasRendererBlendingType
Enumerates possible blending methods.
Public enumerationCanvasRendererTextureFilteringMode
Enumerates possible filtering modes on texture samplers.
Public enumerationCloneType
Enumerates possible ways to clone field and property values.
Public enumerationCompareFunction
Comparison functions used for the depth/stencil buffer operations and others.
Public enumerationComponent_CharacterAITask_TurnSwitchStateEnum
Public enumerationComponent_CollisionShape_MeshShapeTypeEnum
Enumerates the types of collision shape being created internally.
Public enumerationComponent_CollisionShape2D_MeshShapeTypeEnum
Enumerates the types of collision shape being created internally.
Public enumerationComponent_ConstraintNewObjectSettingsConstraintInitialConfigurationEnum
Enumerates the types of constraint link between two physical bodies.
Public enumerationComponent_CurveInSpaceCurveTypeEnum
Enumerates the types of curve.
Public enumerationComponent_DecalNormalsModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_EventHandlerWhenEnableEnum
Public enumerationComponent_FlowGraphPropertyType
Public enumerationComponent_FlowGraphNodeModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_FogModes
Public enumerationComponent_GameModeBuiltInCameraEnum
Public enumerationComponent_GroupOfObjectsGetObjectsItemCastTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_GroupOfObjectsObjectFlagsEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ImageTypeEnum
Enum identifying the texture type.
Public enumerationComponent_ImageUsages
Enum describing buffer usage; not mutually exclusive.
Public enumerationComponent_Import3DModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_LightTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_MaterialAnisotropyDirectionBasisEnum
Public enumerationComponent_MaterialBlendModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_MaterialCompiledMaterialDataDynamicParametersUniformToUpdate
Public enumerationComponent_MaterialCompiledMaterialDataSpecialMode
Public enumerationComponent_MaterialShadingModelEnum
Public enumerationComponent_MeasuringToolCapStyleEnum
Public enumerationComponent_MeasuringToolMeasureEnum
Public enumerationComponent_MeshCompiledDataRayCastMode
Public enumerationComponent_MeshGeometry_SphereSphereTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_MeshInSpaceModifiableMeshCreationFlags
Public enumerationComponent_MethodBodyPropertyAccessorTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_PaintLayerBlendModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleAccelerationByTimeTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleColorMultiplierByTimeChannelsEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleColorMultiplierByTimeTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleEmitterAnglesPropertyTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleEmitterColorValuePropertyTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleEmitterDirectionEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleEmitterIntegerPropertyTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleEmitterRenderingModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleEmitterSinglePropertyTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleSizeMultiplierByTimeAxesEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleSizeMultiplierByTimeTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleSpeedMultiplierByTimeTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleSystemSimulationSpaceEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ParticleVelocityByTimeTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_Pathfinding_GeometryShapeEnum
The available shapes of a geometry.
Public enumerationComponent_Pathfinding_GeometryTypeEnum
The available types of a geometry.
Public enumerationComponent_Pathfinding_GeometryTagTypeEnum
The available types of a geometry tag.
Public enumerationComponent_PhysicalMaterialFrictionModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ProjectSettingsEngineSplashScreenStyleEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ProjectSettingsLanguageEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ProjectSettingsRibbonAndToolbarActionsClassActionItemTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ProjectSettingsRibbonAndToolbarActionsClassGroupItemTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ProjectSettingsRibbonAndToolbarActionsClassTabItemTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ProjectSettingsThemeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ProjectSettingsWindowStateEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ReflectionProbeModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ReflectionProbeResolutionEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingEffect_AmbientOcclusionQualityEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingEffect_AntialiasingTechniqueEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingEffect_IndirectLightingQualityEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingEffect_IndirectLightingResolutionEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingEffect_LensEffectsCheckVisibilityMethodEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingEffect_ScreenSpaceReflectionQualityEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingEffect_ShowRenderTargetTextureType
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingEffect_ToneMappingMethodEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicDebugModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicDownscalingModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicFrameDataBillboardItemFlagsEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicFrameDataMeshItemFlagsEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicShadowQualityEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RenderingPipeline_BasicShadowTextureSize
Public enumerationComponent_RenderToFileModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ResultCompileTResultCompileUpdateModes
Public enumerationComponent_RigidBodyMotionTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_RigidBody2DMotionTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_SceneGetObjectsInSpaceItemCastTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_SceneModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_SensorModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_SensorShapeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_SensorSourceDataEnum
Public enumerationComponent_SensorWhenUpdateEnum
Public enumerationComponent_Sensor2DModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_Sensor2DShapeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_Sensor2DSourceDataEnum
Public enumerationComponent_Sensor2DWhenUpdateEnum
Public enumerationComponent_ShaderTextureSampleTextureTypeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_SoundSourceRolloffModeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_SoundSourceStreamingEnum
Public enumerationComponent_StoreProductCategoryEnum
Public enumerationComponent_StoreProductCreateProductsEnum
Public enumerationComponent_TerrainHeightmapSizeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_TerrainPaintMaskSizeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_TerrainTileSizeEnum
Public enumerationComponent_Text2DBackStyleEnum
Public enumerationComponent_WorldGeneratorTemplateEnum
Public enumerationCullingMode
Hardware culling modes based on vertex winding. This setting applies to how the hardware API culls triangles it is sent.
Public enumerationCutVolumeShape
Public enumerationDDSTextureToolsDDSImageFormatEnum
Public enumerationEDialogResult
Public enumerationEHorizontalAlignment
Specifies the horizontal alignment.
Public enumerationEKeys
Specifies keyboard key codes.
Public enumerationEMessageBoxButtons
Public enumerationEMouseButtons
Public enumerationEngineAppApplicationTypeEnum
Public enumerationEngineAppWindowStateEnum
Public enumerationEVerticalAlignment
Specifies the vertical alignment.
Public enumerationFilterOption
Filtering options for textures / mipmaps.
Public enumerationFlowGraphNodeContentType
The list of flow graph node types.
Public enumerationFlowGraphRepresentationDataNodeImageViewEnum
Public enumerationFrameBufferTypes
Defines the frame buffer types.
Public enumerationGetRenderSceneDataMode
Public enumerationGpuBufferFlags
Public enumerationGpuProgramType
Enumerates the types of programs which can run on the GPU.
Public enumerationGpuTextureModeEnum
Public enumerationGpuTextureUsages
Enum describing buffer usage; not mutually exclusive.
Public enumerationImageUtilityFilters
Public enumerationImageUtilityImageFlags
Public enumerationMeshRayTestOptimizedMode
Public enumerationMetadataCloneContextTypeOfCloningEnum
Public enumerationMetadataTypeClassification
The list of supported types of engine's metadata.
Public enumerationNativeUtilityMemoryAllocationType
Public enumerationOctreeContainerModeEnum
Public enumerationParameterType
A list of parameter types that are supported in the ParameterContainer.
Public enumerationPhysics2DContactTestItemModeEnum
Public enumerationPhysics2DRayTestItemModeEnum
Public enumerationPhysicsAxisMode
The list of modes of physical object's axis.
Public enumerationPhysicsContactTestItemModeEnum
Public enumerationPhysicsConvexSweepTestItemModeEnum
Public enumerationPhysicsRayTestItemModeEnum
Public enumerationPixelFormat
The pixel format used for images, textures, and render surfaces.
Public enumerationPlaneSide
Determines from which side of the plane the object can be.
Public enumerationPlaneFSide
Determines from which side of the plane the object can be.
Public enumerationPlatformFunctionalityWindowBorderStyle
Public enumerationPlatformFunctionalityWindowState
Public enumerationProcedureUIButtonSizeEnum
Public enumerationProcedureUICheckCheckValue
Public enumerationProjectionType
Public enumerationRangeAttributeConvenientDistributionEnum
Public enumerationRenderOperationType
The rendering operation type to perform.
Public enumerationRenderSystemEvent
Public enumerationResourceInstanceStatusEnum
Public enumerationResourceInstanceType
Public enumerationSceneBlendFactor
Blend factors, which modulate values for the pixel shader and render target.
Public enumerationScreenLabelEnum
Public enumerationSerializeType
Enumerate possible ways to serialize field and property values.
Public enumerationSimpleMeshGeneratorConeOrigin
Public enumerationSoundModes
Public enumerationSoundType
Public enumerationStandardVertexComponents
The enumeration to specify vertex structure.
Public enumerationSystemSettingsFloatingPointModelEnum
Public enumerationSystemSettingsNetRuntimeType
Public enumerationSystemSettingsPlatform
Public enumerationTextureAddressingMode
Texture addressing modes.
Public enumerationUIButtonStateEnum
Public enumerationUICheckCheckValue
Public enumerationUICheckStateEnum
Public enumerationUIControlCoverOtherControlsEnum
Public enumerationUIMeasure
Represents a type to indicate position and size for UI elements.
Public enumerationUISplitContainerFixedPanelEnum
Public enumerationUIStyleDefaultSliderElement
Public enumerationUITabControlSideEnum
Public enumerationUnwrappedUVEnum
Public enumerationVertexElementSemantic
Vertex element semantics, used to identify the meaning of vertex buffer contents.
Public enumerationVertexElementType
Vertex element type, used to identify the base types of the vertex contents.
Public enumerationViewportLastFrameScreenLabelItemShapeEnum
Public enumerationViewportModeEnum
Public enumerationViewportRenderingContextDynamicTextureType