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ForceFeedbackPeriodicEffect Class

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  NeoAxis
Assembly:  NeoAxis.Core (in NeoAxis.Core.dll) Version: 2022.1.1.0 (2022.1.1.0)
public abstract class ForceFeedbackPeriodicEffect : ForceFeedbackEffect

The ForceFeedbackPeriodicEffect type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAxes (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public propertyDestroyed (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public propertyDirection
Normalized vector conformable to the axes. For single-axis must be null.
(Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public propertyDuration
The total duration of the effect, in seconds.
(Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public propertyEffectType (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public propertyMagnitude
Magnitude of the effect, in the range from 0 through 1. If an envelope is applied to this effect, the value represents the magnitude of the sustain. If no envelope is applied, the value represents the amplitude of the entire effect.
Public propertyOffset
Offset of the effect. The range of forces generated by the effect is Offset minus Magnitude to Offset plus Magnitude. The value of the Offset member is also the baseline for any envelope that is applied to the effect.
Public propertyOwner (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public propertyPeriod
Period of the effect, in seconds.
Public propertyPhase
Position in the cycle of the periodic effect at which playback begins, in the range from 0 through 1.
Public propertyStartTime (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public propertyUserData (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public methodDestroy (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
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Protected methodOnCreateRealEffect (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Protected methodOnDestroyRealEffect (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Protected methodOnStart (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Protected methodOnUpdateDirection (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Protected methodOnUpdateEffectTypeSpecificParameters (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public methodSetDirection
Normalized vector conformable to the axes. For single-axis may be null.
(Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Protected methodSetNeedUpdateEffectTypeSpecificParameters (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public methodStart (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from ForceFeedbackEffect.)
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