NeoAxis Engine 2023.1 Released

NeoAxis company releases a new version of NeoAxis Engine, a versatile real-time platform for making 3D, 2D games and apps. The release includes significant licensing changes, graphics improvements, a new physics engine, multiplayer support and many new add-ons. Now available for free a road constructor, fence constructor, building constructor, vegetation generator and initial version of traffic system.

Licensing changes

After experiments with licensing, we decided to continue the project in the most open format. This release removes Pro license and open-sources the editor. Also previously paid add-ons are now free and provided with sources at the start.

Licensing page

Improved rendering system

One of the big improvements is the addition of a virtualized geometry system that allows you to quickly render a very large number of objects. We called it NeoAxis Levels.


A very large number of optimizations have been made to increase the scalability. Rendering, physics, sound and editor have been optimized for many objects.

There is a new City Demo to show engine features and the scalability. The demo will be gradually improved.


Added support for multiplayer. Almost all components support synchronization over the network, some will be supported a little later.

New powerful physics engine

NeoAxis Engine now uses Jolt Physics! This is very good physics in terms of features and multithreaded optimizations. Both single and double precision are supported.


Thanks to the new physics, it was easy enough to add full support for vehicles.

Vegetation generator

The SDK now includes a vegetation generator. This is a large set of tools that allows you to generate any kind of vegetation from grass to trees. The source code is also included.

Updated Nature Demo now uses procedurally generated vegetation that was created in the editor. This does not look very realistic yet, it will be improved step by step.

Road constructor

The previously paid road add-on is now free, the source codes are also open.

Fence constructor

The previously paid fence add-on is now free, the source codes are also open.

Building constructor

A building constructor is a new add-on in the SDK.

Weapons, bullets, explosions

The game framework has been improved. Now you can create shooters even easier.

Battle Demo and more samples

Demo scenes have been updated, there are many new ones.

Next plans

Next plans include finishing cloud services and a full global illumination. Roadmap.

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