Here you can find planned improvements. We are already working on them, you can also order a feature or make a donation to speed up the development.

Finished improvements are in the changelog.

Support with cryptocurrency


  • DX12, Vulkan backend level. Ray tracing, mesh clustering, deeper mesh packing, full indirect lighting, full reflections.
  • Optimization: Better upscaler.
  • Shadow transparency, colored shadows.
  • Area lights.
  • Order-independent transparency.
  • Better GPU memory management, the editor can crash when out of memory. Auto unload GPU resources.
  • Reversed depth to work better with z-fighting effect.
  • Better vegetation material animation.
  • Furs, hairs.
  • Procedural clouds.
  • Procedural night space skybox mode.


  • More automatization when uploading to the store. The ability to add screenshots, to configure screenshots in the description from the editor.
  • More payment gateways.

Big Worlds

  • Scene streaming example, optimization fixes.

Tools and Components

  • Sequence editor. Cinematic and video editing.
  • Mesh painting tools.
  • More 3D modeling tools.
  • Human and creature generator. It can be third-party integration. How to make the integration.
  • Vegetation generator: More features and realism.
  • Road constructor: More features. Exits from the road, overpasses, bike paths.
  • Traffic system: Auto moving vehicles, traffic lights functionality.
  • Building constructor: Faster rendering at very far distances.
  • Pathfinding: Dynamic obstacles, off mesh links.


  • Tanks, not only 4 wheels vehicles.
  • Flying vehicles.
  • Ragdoll auto construction.
  • Soft body.
  • Character: Scaling support.


  • Cloud services.
  • More features for shooter framework.

Content Creation

  • Physically-based path tracer.


  • macOS support.
  • Linux support.

NeoAxis as IDE

  • Solution Explorer. Working with many csproj projects.


  • iOS.
  • macOS.
  • PlayStation.
  • Web.
  • VR/AR.
  • Linux: rendering backend.
  • Mobile: Better texture auto compression and caching.