NeoAxis Engine 2024.1 Released

NeoAxis releases a new version NeoAxis Engine, a versatile real-time platform for making 3D, 2D games and apps.

This release includes a large number of changes in all components of the engine. Improved graphics, physics, sound, network support, resource and object management.

Full changelog.

Updated City Demo

The demo of the engine features.

Voxel LOD Transparency

NeoAxis Levels now supports transparency on far distances.

Icons for Components

Toolkit for Dialogues

Improved Game Framework and Interactive Objects

Microparticles In Air

Updated Nature Demo

Real-Time Reflection Probes

Resolution Upscale and Antialiasing Improvements

Turrets for Vehicles

Updated Road Constructor

Next plans

Next plans include upgrade to DirectX 12, Vulkan graphics level, finishing cloud services, adding full indirect lighting and reflection. Roadmap.

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