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Built-in C# Programming

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Built-in C# Programming

It is recommended to read Scripting Overview article first.

This article will review C# editor, that designed both for working with usual C# files, and with C# scripts.

Usual C# programming

Editor includes features of a typical IDE; .cs, .csproj, .sln files are supported. Developer can add .cs files in the project, compile solution and run compiled code straight in the editor. In comparison with usual IDEs, one can work with only one Project.csproj project file and with only one Project.sln solution file at the moment.

Ribbon Scripting tab

An extra section of the editor Ribbon that provides tools of scripting.

Screenshot999872 2.png
Name Description
Screenshot999900 1.png
Builds a solution (Project.sln) to check for compilation errors.
Screenshot999900 2.png
Creates C# file (.cs).
Screenshot999900 3.png
Adds selected files or folders to the project (Project.csproj).
Screenshot999900 4.png
Removes selected files or folders from the project (Project.csproj).
Screenshot999900 5.png
Creates C# Script.
Screenshot999900 6.png
Creates Flow Graph.
Screenshot999999504 3.png
Comments selection of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 4.png
Uncomments selection of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 5.png
Renames symbol of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 6.png
To do auto formatting of C# code.
C# Filtering mode of Resources Window

At Resources Window one can enable C# filtering mode. When enabled, only .cs files will be displayed in the window.

Screenshot999999506 2.png

In the Project Settings there are settings C# editor. For example, you can turn on line numbers displays.

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