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Built-in C# Programming

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Built-in C# Programming

You can read Scripting Overview article first. This article reviews C# editor, that designed both for working with usual C# files and with C# scripts.

Usual C# programming

The editor includes a typical C# IDE features, .cs, .csproj, .sln files are supported. A developer can add .cs files in the project, edit it and compile. Right now, you can work only with one C# project 'Project.csproj' from the editor.

Ribbon Scripting tab

A section of the editor Ribbon that provides tools for scripting.

Screenshot999872 2.png
Name Description
Screenshot999900 1.png
Builds a solution (Project.sln) to compile and apply C# code changes.
Screenshot999900 2.png
Creates C# file (.cs).
Screenshot999900 3.png
Adds selected files or folders to the project (Project.csproj).
Screenshot999900 4.png
Removes selected files or folders from the project (Project.csproj).
Screenshot999900 5.png
Creates C# Script.
Screenshot999900 6.png
Creates Flow Graph.
Screenshot999999504 3.png
Comments selection of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 4.png
Uncomments selection of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 5.png
Renames symbol of C# code.
Screenshot999999504 6.png
To do auto formatting of C# code.
Screenshot999999999999934 3.png
Adds property code for a component class.
Screenshot999999999999934 5.png
Opens Sources solution in an external IDE.
C# Filtering mode of Resources Window

At Resources Window one can enable C# filtering mode. When enabled, only .cs files will be displayed in the window.

Screenshot999999506 2.png

In the Project Settings there are settings of the C# editor. For example, you can turn on line numbers displays.


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