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PlantType Properties

The PlantType type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAges
The possible ages of the plant.
Public propertyAnyData
The user data of the component.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyBaseType
Gets the base type of the object.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyCloneSupport
Whether the object supports cloning.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyCollision
Whether to generate collision meshes.
Public propertyComponents
Gets the collection of the child components.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyCreatedByBaseType
Whether the object is created using a base type.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyDisplayInEditor
Whether to show the object in the editor.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyDisposed
Whether the object is disposed.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyEditorDocumentConfiguration
Gets or sets the configuration data of the object's settings in the editor.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyEditorReadOnly
Whether the object is read only in the editor.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyEditorReadOnlyInHierarchy
Whether the object is read-only in the editor with respect to parent objects.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyEnabled
Whether the component is enabled. Any functionality of component is not works when it disabled.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyEnabledInHierarchy
Determines whether the object is attached to a hierarchy of the components and enabled. The object will be enabled only when all parents are enabled, and the property Enabled is enabled.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyEnabledInHierarchyAndIsInstance
Determines when the object is attached to a hierarchy of the components, is enabled and the object if not part of a resource (it is usual object instance). The object will be enabled only when all parents are enabled, and the property Enabled is enabled.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyGenerateGroups
Whether to generate groups of meshes.
Public propertyGenerateIndividuals
Whether to generate individual meshes.
Public propertyGroupMaxIncline
The maximal incline in the group.
Public propertyGroupMaxInclineFromCenter
The maximal incline from the center in the group.
Public propertyGroupRadius
The radius of the group of meshes.
Public propertyGroupSize
The size of the group of meshes.
Public propertyHierarchyController
Gets the object hierarchy control controller.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyLODDistance
The distance from the previous to the next level of detail. The result value depends mesh bounds, MatureHeight.
Public propertyLODLevels
The amount of levels of detail to generate.
Public propertyLODVoxelFillHolesDistance
The maximal distance to fill holes, which happens when ray matching can't find the result because reach max steps limitations.
Public propertyLODVoxelGrid
The size of a voxel grid of a last LOD.
Public propertyLODVoxels
Whether to generate a voxel grid for a last LOD.
Public propertyLODVoxelThinFactor
The factor to changing the visibility of thin objects. It is also useful when your model has holes in its shape, the algorithm thinks your model is empty inside.
Public propertyMatureAge
The age at which active growth ceases.
Public propertyMatureHeight
The height range at mature age.
Public propertyName
The name of the component.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyNetworkID (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyNetworkIsClient (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyNetworkIsServer
Whether to work in network server mode. It is false until the scene is not loaded.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyNetworkIsSingle (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyNetworkMode
Whether to enable synchronization of the component between server and clients.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyNetworkModeUsers (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent object.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyParentRoot
Gets the parent root object.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyPredefinedConfiguration
The predefined configuration.
Public propertyRemoveFromParentQueued
Whether the object is placed in the detach queue from the parent.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertySaveSupport
Whether the object supports saving to a file.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyScreenLabel
The displaying mode of an on-screen label of the component in the scene editor.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertySegmentsByCircle
The amount of segments by circle.
Public propertySegmentsByMeter
The amount of segments by length.
Public propertyTypeSettingsPrivateObjects
Object settings when used as a type.
(Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyVariations
The number of variations to generate.
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