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Polygon Based Polyhedron

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Polygon Based Polyhedron


Mesh geometry in the form of polyhedron generated by thickening a polygon.

How to create

You can create areas in the standard way, using the Resources Window. You must select 'Polygon Based Polyhedron' in the 'Base\Primitives' group, then drag and drop it into the editor workspace. After that, the first point of the area will be created. The subsequent points can be created by clicking the left mouse button. To complete the points creation, press Space or Return.

Screenshot999999999999085 2.png

After point creation you need to specify the height.

Detach points from the parent

By default, points are attached to the parent and move with it. To move the points separately they need to be detached. To do this, select the desired points, then click the Detach in the Scene Editor tab button.


After that, the points can be moved.

Name Description
Clockwise Whether the points are clockwise.
Height The height of the shape.
Inside Out Whether the box is flipped.
Always Display Point Labels Whether to always display point labels or only when the object in the scene is selected.
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