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CameraSettingsClass Properties

The ViewportCameraSettingsClass type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAspectRatio
Gets or sets the aspect ratio for the frustum viewport.
Public propertyDirection
Gets the camera's direction.
Public propertyEmissiveFactor
Public propertyExposure
Public propertyFarClipDistance
Gets the distance to the far clipping plane.
Public propertyFieldOfView
Public propertyFixedUp
Gets the camera's fixed up vector.
Public propertyFrustum
Public propertyNearClipDistance
Gets the position of the near clipping plane.
Public propertyOrthographicHeight
Public propertyPosition
Gets the camera's position.
Public propertyProjection
Gets the type of projection to use (orthographic or perspective). Default is perspective.
Public propertyProjectionMatrix
Public propertyReflectionEnabled
Returns whether this frustum is being reflected.
Public propertyReflectionPlane
Returns the reflection plane of the frustum if appropriate.
Public propertyRenderingPipelineOverride
Public propertyRenderSky
Public propertyRight
Public propertyRotation
Gets the camera's current orientation.
Public propertyUp
Gets the camera's up vector.
Public propertyViewMatrix
Public propertyViewport
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