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Viewport Properties

The Viewport type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAllKeys
Public propertyAllowRenderScreenLabels
Public propertyAnyData
Public propertyAttachedScene
Public propertyBackgroundColorDefault
Public propertyCameraSettings
Gets last used camera settings for this viewport.
Public propertyCanvasRenderer
Gets GUI renderer for this viewport.
Public propertyDimensions
Gets or sets the dimensions (after creation).
Public propertyDimensionsInPixels
Gets the dimensions of the viewport, a value in pixels.
Public propertyDisposed
Public propertyLastFrameScreenLabelByObjectInSpace
Public propertyLastFrameScreenLabels
The list of object labels on the screen that were shown in the last frame.
Public propertyLastUpdateTime
Public propertyLastUpdateTimeStep
Public propertyLastUpdateTimeStepSmooth
Public propertyMode
Public propertyMousePosition
Public propertyMouseRelativeMode
Public propertyOutputFlipY
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent render target.
Public propertyPreviousUpdateTime
Public propertyProjectionMatrixPreviousFrame
Public propertyRenderingContext
Public propertyRenderingPipelineCreated
Public propertySimple3DRenderer
Gets simple 3D renderer.
Public propertySizeInPixels
Public propertyUIContainer
Gets the root of GUI controls of this viewport.
Public propertyViewMatrixPreviousFrame
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