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DistanceJoint Properties

The DistanceJoint type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBodyA
Get the first body attached to this joint.
(Inherited from Joint.)
Public propertyBodyB
Get the second body attached to this joint.
(Inherited from Joint.)
Public propertyBreakpoint
The Breakpoint simply indicates the maximum Value the JointError can be before it breaks. The default value is float.MaxValue, which means it never breaks.
(Inherited from Joint.)
Public propertyCollideConnected
Set this flag to true if the attached bodies should collide.
(Inherited from Joint.)
Public propertyDampingRatio
The damping ratio. 0 = no damping, 1 = critical damping.
Public propertyFrequency
The mass-spring-damper frequency in Hertz. A value of 0 disables softness.
Public propertyJointType
Gets or sets the type of the joint.
(Inherited from Joint.)
Public propertyLength
The natural length between the anchor points. Manipulating the length can lead to non-physical behavior when the frequency is zero.
Public propertyLocalAnchorA
The local anchor point relative to bodyA's origin.
Public propertyLocalAnchorB
The local anchor point relative to bodyB's origin.
Public propertyWorld
Get the parent World of this joint. This is null if the joint is not attached.
(Inherited from Joint.)
Public propertyWorldAnchorA (Overrides JointWorldAnchorA.)
Public propertyWorldAnchorB (Overrides JointWorldAnchorB.)
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