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KryptonPaletteTabButton Properties

The KryptonPaletteTabButton type exposes the following members.

Public propertyId
Gets the unique identifier of the object.
(Inherited from GlobalId.)
Public propertyIsDefault
Gets a value indicating if all values are default.
(Overrides StorageIsDefault.)
Public propertyNeedPaint
Gets and sets the need paint delegate for notifying paint requests.
(Inherited from Storage.)
Protected propertyNeedPaintDelegate
Gets access to the need paint delegate.
(Inherited from Storage.)
Public propertyOverrideFocus
Gets access to the tab appearance when it has focus.
Public propertyStateCommon
Gets access to the common tab appearance that other states can override.
Public propertyStateDisabled
Gets access to the disabled tab appearance entries.
Public propertyStateNormal
Gets access to the normal tab appearance entries.
Public propertyStatePressed
Gets access to the pressed tab appearance entries.
Public propertyStateSelected
Gets access to the normal tab appearance entries.
Public propertyStateTracking
Gets access to the hot tracking tab appearance entries.
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