Why NeoAxis?

Royalty-free and open source


Ease of understanding

The NeoAxis editor looks simple, not overwhelmed with functionality unlike other products. This is a plus for beginners.

Similar to a typical Windows program

This will allow you not to get stuck in learning a program with an atypical interface, and also to quickly and easily learn a program by analogy with others.

Configure the editor as you like

In addition to light and dark themes, you can customize the editor's configuration to make it more convenient for you.

Simultaneous editing of multiple resources

The editor supports the simultaneous editing of several documents, which can significantly increase productivity.

Two-level document editing

For the convenience of working with an open document, you can simultaneously edit nested objects. This is achieved by adding the second level.

Built-in C# editor

NeoAxis editor includes rich set of tools for scripting. This includes classic C# programming, C# scripts, visual workflow scripting, advanced object types creation capabilities.

Builder 3D

NeoAxis includes fast level creation tools, 3D modeling tools, constructive solid geometry operations.

Professional solution

The NeoAxis Engine, which includes a 3D engine, a 2D engine, a full set of functional objects, a built-in programming environment, tools for quick modeling of the environment and much more, is a unique environment designed for both beginners and professionals.