Why NeoAxis?

Engine overview

Comparison table

Main API, set of basic components. C# .NET
The basic part of the engine, basic components and the player app are written in C# without using interlanguage wrappers. Native code is only used for low-level parts like rendering, physics and sound.
Engine source code provided for everyone. In combination with the C# API, you can write and debug the code most efficiently.
C# IDE inside the NeoAxis editor. The editor includes the functions of the Visual Studio, that is greatly simplifies scripting. You can create event handlers for the scene and other objects directly in the environment, does not waste time to link. Learn more about scripting.
Visual workflow scripting. No-code visual scripting.
64-bit precision of coordinates allow you to create unlimited worlds without any tricks. 64-bit physics precision.
Deep features are advanced features for typing objects and customizing objects in a visual manner.

This is similar to visual programming (create types, inheritance, hiding, virtualization). These features also include the metadata layer, the creation of virtual objects. Learn more: References, Types, Properties.

Open platform for integrating third-party services and stores. NeoAxis API allows to add deeply integrated third-party services with easy. Drag and drop 3D models from a store to a scene with automatic downloading.

- NeoAxis Store support.
- Sketchfab support.

Simultaneous editing of multiple resources with two-level document editing. Check the screenshots below on this page.
Ultimate optimized multi-threaded rendering pipeline.

It includes:
- Multi-threaded scene management (selecting of objects from a scene for rendering).
- Multi-threaded preparation of objects for rendering with automatic instancing.
- Multi-threaded low-level graphics backend (output to GPU).

Windows Forms, WPF widgets.
Create window apps with rich graphics.
Industry-specific add-ons Industrial Kit and Constructors.

The extensive solution for easily and fast making industrial real-time 3D environments. The kit includes many constructors.

Modified Editor Toolkit. The SDK for creating applications by modifying the NeoAxis editor.

Use the editor of the engine to build your derivative product. Technically, your product may be a modification of the NeoAxis editor.

The architecture of the engine and its editor are an extensible system. The editor can be expanded with additional functionality. Other sub-editors can be added to it, and current ones can be changed. Extra functionality can be disabled. As a result, the being developed specialized product can essentially be a modification of the NeoAxis editor. This provides many advantages over development from scratch.

NeoAxis is not just a 3D or 2D engine.

This is a common platform/editor in which the capabilities of 3D and 2D engines are added. This means that it’s possible to add other types of products inside the editor. For example, a 3D modelling package, CAD system or something else.

Ease of understanding

The NeoAxis editor looks simple, not overwhelmed with functionality unlike other products. This is a plus for beginners.

Similar to a typical Windows program

This will allow you not to get stuck in learning a program with an atypical interface, and also to quickly and easily learn a program by analogy with others.

Configure the editor as you like

In addition to light and dark themes, you can customize the editor's configuration to make it more convenient for you.

Simultaneous editing of multiple resources

The editor supports the simultaneous editing of several documents, which can significantly increase productivity.

Two-level document editing

For the convenience of working with an open document, you can simultaneously edit nested objects. This is achieved by adding the second level.

Built-in C# editor

NeoAxis editor includes rich set of tools for scripting. This includes classic C# programming, C# scripts, visual workflow scripting, advanced object types creation capabilities.

Builder 3D

NeoAxis includes fast level creation tools, 3D modeling tools, constructive solid geometry operations.

Professional solution

The NeoAxis Engine, which includes a 3D engine, a 2D engine, a full set of functional objects, a built-in programming environment, tools for quick modeling of the environment and much more, is a unique environment designed for both beginners and professionals.