NeoAxis Token

NeoAxis Token is a virtual voucher designed to help develop, promote and get profit from the NeoAxis project.

A purchase a token (or other method of obtaining) is a confirmation of the assistance to the project. In the future, in case of successful monetization of the project, the token can be cashed for real money. This makes the NeoAxis Token an investment tool, although in fact, it’s just a journal of transactions.

To discuss how to buy tokens by special way, about more typical ways of investing, order certain engine improvements, please contact us.

Inside the editor you can see the list of your transactions and current balance.

Buy tokens

You can buy tokens via PayPal. 1 USD = 1 Token. Register NeoAxis account.

NeoAxis account email

Please keep the payment notice in order to confirm your purchase in the future.

Alternative ways to get tokens

You can get tokens by helping with the promotion or other ways to help. For example, you can create a video review on YouTube. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


The main sense and purpose of creating NeoAxis Token is the ability to withdraw tokens into real money. In other words, with the help of tokens, you can invest in the project.

  • At beginning the withdrawal of funds is disabled. This is the time of initial investment.
  • After when the project attracts more funds, to withdraw funds will open for the first investors. This means that each token also has a creation date.
  • Using the date is possible determine who is first in queue to withdraw. Also with the date is possible to know how long the investment has been made ("DAYS").


A person bought 100 tokens for 100 USD. After 200 days he got the opportunity to withdraw funds. He decided to withdraw on the 300th day after purchase.

DAYS = 300
TIME_FACTOR = 0.001*

100 * ( 2 + 300 * 0.001 ) = 230 USD

* TOKEN_COST and TIME_FACTOR values are just examples. These values are not currently defined.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I believe in your company? What could stop you from never enabling the withdraw?

    NeoAxis was never a project just for profit, we like to develop it. Another confirmation is that, the product is provided under the maximum freely license, including the source code.

  • But the product has a non standard license. Why that?

    In order to protect your investment. The license is free and at the same time protects the product from copying.

The development of NeoAxis

The finances will to be directed to the development the main part of the product and for paid services. It includes:

The base product

  • Completion of the main product.
  • Support building for all platforms. Android, iOS, PS5, Xbox, VR, AR, Mac, Web, Linux.
  • Starter packs, project templates.
  • Adding cutting edge rendering features. Import simplification, rendering of high-poly scenes, ray-tracing.
  • The editor for Mac and Linux.
  • Improvement of the built-in C# IDE.
  • Support for importing CAD formats, high-poly 3D models. Automatic LOD.
  • Realistic character animation system. Motion capture, IK.


Paid services on the website:

  • Asset Store for add-ons and general content.
  • Premium Technical Support service.
  • Training service. Video tutorials.

Paid add-ons as services:

  • Service for creating network games. Server implementation, hosting, engine integration.
  • Ads add-on. Monetization, optimization and analysis.
  • Film & Television. Cloud service for offline quality rendering.
  • More add-ons depending on needs. Services for EdTech, medicine, industrial.