Features of NeoAxis Engine

NeoAxis Engine is an integrated development environment with built-in 3D, 2D game engine. The environment is intended to develop all kinds of 3D and 2D projects such as computer games, visual trainers, VR systems, to visualize processes and develop windowed applications.

Main features

  • Royalty-free platform with source code provided.
  • Modern architecture and design of the editor.
  • Built-in C# and visual scripting.
  • Complete set of tools.
  • .NET API.

.NET programming and built-in scripting

3D game engine

  • Complete set of tools for 3D game development.
  • 64-bit floating precision by default.
  • Well-thought object serialization.
  • Scene rendering is performed via high-level rendering pipeline.
  • Good multi-thread rendering performance provided by Bgfx.
  • Filament PBR shaders is used for realistic materials rendering.
  • Powerful Bullet physics library in 64-bit precision mode.

2D game engine

  • Sprites.
  • Characters.
  • 2D game framework.
  • Fast level creation tools, 2D modeling tools.
  • 2D physics. Built-in powerful Aether.Physics2D physics engine.

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Rendering features

Game logic features

Add-on creation

  • Well designed API for add-on creation.
  • The ability to create small extensions as well as complete inner editors inside NeoAxis editor.
  • Using WinForms, WPF in add-ons.

Modern editor

  • Thoughtful concept of the editor and it's inner editors.
  • Simultaneous editing of multiple resources.
  • Drag & Drop, hotkeys and other means for comfortable usage.

Supported platforms by the Editor

  • Windows 10, 8, 7.

Build support

  • Windows 7+ x64.
  • Android 8.0+ ARM64 (Oreo).
  • UWP x64 (Universal Windows, Xbox, Windows Store).