Game Titles

Dream Dale (Alawar Entertainment)

This is casual 3D hidden object game, with elements of quest, physics, puzzles and fun storyline. In this game you will help the knight save the princess from a terrible curse.


This is a third person shooter in which the magical girl ("Mahou shoujo" in Japanese) is fighting the evil "Walpurgis Night" witch. Being able to stop time by means of magic, Mahou shoujo uses her powers to save her only friend who is destined to be killed by the "Walpurgis Night" witch.

Makivision Games

Sacraboar is a real-time capture-the-pig strategy game.

Use your units to get your opponent's flag and, at the same time, defend your own. You can build resource towers to increase your budget for buying units. Or build magic towers to get access to powerful magic spells. Destroy your opponent's towers to make him lose his spells or his extra money. Sacraboar is an exciting game that instantly puts the player into the action.