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Material determines how objects will be rendered in 3D scene. Material Editor is used to edit materials.

Name Description
Blend Mode Defines how/if the rendered object is blended with the content of the render target.
Two Sided Whether the material use double-sided rendering.
Position Offset Vertices position offset. Performed in vertex shader.
Shading Model The reflection mode of the incoming light.
Normal The material normals. This property is intented to be used with normal mapping.
Base Color Diffuse albedo for non-metallic surfaces, and specular color for metallic surfaces.
Opacity The opacity of the surface.
Opacity Mask Threshold Transparency threshold for Masked mode.
Metallic Whether a surface appears to be dielectric (0.0) or conductor (1.0). Often used as a binary value (0 or 1).
Roughness Perceived smoothness (1.0) or roughness (0.0) of a surface. Smooth surfaces exhibit sharp reflections.
Reflectance Fresnel reflectance at normal incidence for dielectric surfaces. This directly controls the strength of the reflections.
Clear Coat Strength of the clear coat layer.
Clear Coat Roughness Perceived smoothness or roughness of the clear coat layer.
Clear Coat Normal A detail normal used to perturb the clear coat layer using bump mapping (normal mapping).
Anisotropy Amount of anisotropy.
Anisotropy Direction Local surface direction. Used by anisotropic materials only.
Anisotropy Direction Basis The direction basis. Used by anisotropic materials only.
Thickness Object thickness. Used for subsurface scattering only.
Subsurface Power Amount of subsurface scattering.
Sheen Color Specular tint to create two-tone specular fabrics.
Subsurface Color Tint for the diffuse color after scattering and absorption through the material.
Shininess The shininess of material.
Ambient Occlusion Defines how much of the light is accessible to a surface point.
Ray Tracing Reflection Amount of ray-tracing reflection. Used for screen space reflection.
Receive Shadows Whether the surface receive shadows from other sources.
Emissive The color and intensity of light emitted from the surface.
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