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By means of Scene one creates 3D space. Scene Editor is used to edit the scenes.

Name Description
Rendering Pipeline The rendering pipeline of the scene.
Background Color The background color of the scene.
UIScreen The element of user interace of the scene that will be used in simulation.
Camera Editor The camera used by the editor.
Camera Default The default camera used.
Gravity The gravity applied on the physical objects.
Physics Simulation Steps The number of simulation steps performed by the physics system per second.
Physics Number Iterations The number of iterations performed by the physics system.
Background Sound Specifies background sound of the scene. Usually it is a music.
Background Sound Volume In Editor Specifies background sound volume in the editor.
Background Sound Volume In Simulation Specifies backround sound volume in the simulation.
Display Development Data In Editor Whether to show development data in the editor.
Display Development Data In Simulation Whether to show development data in the simulation.
Display Text Info Whether to display text information of the development data.
Display Labels Whether to display development data of the labels.
Display Lights Whether to display development data of the lights.
Display Reflection Probes Whether to display development data of the reflection probes.
Display Cameras Whether to display development data of the cameras.
Display Physical Objects Whether to display physical objects.
Display Sound Sources Whether to display development data of the sound sources.
Display Object In Space Bounds Whether to display the bounds of the objects in space.
Display Scene Octree Whether to display scene octree.
Frustum Culling Test Enables the frustrum culling test.
Octree Enabled Enables the scene octree.
Octree Object Count Outside Octree To Rebuld The number of objects to rebuild outside the octree.
Octree Bounds Rebuild Expand The expand vector of the octree bounds.
Octree Min Node Size The minimum node size of the octree.
Octree Object Count To Create Child Nodes The number of objects needed to create child nodes.
Octree Max Node Count The maximum number of nodes created by the octree.
Display Physics Internal Whether to display the internal physics data.
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