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Regulator Switch

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Regulator Switch

Regulator switch in the scene.


The object acts as a regulator with which you can interact. It is a complex interactive object. This object is also an example of creating such objects.

How to use

The character in the scene can interact with the object. As a demonstration, you can create a new scene from the template 'First person.scene', which contains a customized character and a camera.


Character interaction with the object:

2D engine
Name Description
Value Range Specifies the range of possible values.
Value The current position of the switch.
Allow Interact Whether to allow user interaction with the object.
Angle Range Specifies the angle value of the markers for minimum and maximum value.
Change Speed Change the value of an object per second.
Sound Tick The sound that is played when changing.
Sound Tick Frequency The frequency of tick sounds.
Valve Offset The offset by X from the switch to the center of the valve.
Valve Radius The radius of the valve.
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