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Button in the scene.


The object acts as an interactive button with which you can interact. It is a complex interactive object. This object is also an example of creating such objects.

How to use

The character in the scene can interact with the object. As a demonstration, you can create a new scene from the template 'First person.scene', which contains a customized character and a camera.


Character interaction with the object:

2D engine
Name Description
Activated Specifies activated state of the button.
Switch Activate On Click Whether to change activation state on click.
Allow Interact Whether to allow user interaction with the object.
Clicking Total Time Total time of clicking animation.
Clicking Click Time The time of the click during clicking animation.
Sound Clicking Begin The sound that is played when the clicking begins.
Sound Click The sound that is played when a click occurs.
Sound Clicking End The sound that is played when the clicking ends.
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