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Build Companies

We are looking for sales, project managers in your region.

One of the parts of our company is the development of 3D/2D projects to order. If you are related to this, you are a project manager, or if you have ideas for the development of real-time 3D products, then we will be happy to discuss it. The main idea is to develop a network of managers/companies for making projects, the accumulation of a code base, developers in order to increase the efficiency of real-time 3D project development using NeoAxis Engine.

We can build companies together! Contact us.

Custom Project Development

Our company will be happy to assist in the development of your project. It includes:

  • Creating an initial prototype, skeleton of your project.
  • Assistance in the development of an existing project.
  • Developing an entire project.

We will be happy to consider ideas about real-time 3D projects. These include simulators, training systems, visualization, VR projects, specialized 3D editors. Simulators for chemical manufacturing and mechanical engineering are of particular interest to us.

Contact us.

NeoAxis Editor for Derivative Products

Use the editor of the engine to build your derivative product. Technically, your product may be a modification of the NeoAxis editor.

The architecture of the engine and its editor are an extensible system. The editor can be expanded with additional functionality. Other sub-editors can be added to it, and current ones can be changed. Extra functionality can be disabled. As a result, the being developed specialized product can essentially be a modification of the NeoAxis editor. This provides many advantages over development from scratch.

We will be happy to consider your ideas in detail. Contact us.

Special Licensing

You may be interested in the special licensing conditions for NeoAxis Engine.

This is mainly due to the use of the editor code as the basis for creating your own product. Read more.