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SpawnPoint - start point.

Used to define a place where game will create characters or player controlled objects. For example game instance you run places the player character on its position by default.

When placed SpawnPoint can be used differently, but its main function is to indicate the start point of something.

On the map it is represented by the yellow flag.


These are the general rules:

  • The character appears on the place where SpawnPoint is set.
  • Character will look in the direction of the flag.
  • If there are multiple SpawnPoint's on the map, it is necessary to set the value of DefaultPoint property to True.
  • It can be assigned to various factions via Faction property.

This should be considered when placing SpawnPoint on the map.


Название Описание
class Entity
Components List of attached components.
LogicClass Reference to the Logic Editor class. Read more about how to work with the Logic Editor class.
Name Object name.
Tags User defined information. Defined as keyvalue pairs. It is used for user's needs.
Type Object type. It can not be changed.
class MapObject
Position Object position on the map.
Rotation Object rotation. The angle of rotation is set in degrees.
Scale Object scaling.
class SpawnPoint
DefaultPoint Whether the point is default. If value is True, then this point is a default spawn point of the map. This parameter makes sense only when a map has several spawn points.
Faction Name of the faction, which uses this spawn point.
Map Editor
AutoVerticalAlignment Automatical alignment by height mode. Allows to set the value among 4 variants: None (without alignment ), ByBounds (by dimensions), ByBoundsWithRotation (by dimension with possible rotation), ByCenter (by center).
Layer The layer of the map these objects belong to.