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Object Types

In the Map Editor each object have it's own type. You will find here a list of the base object types available in the SDK. In addition to theses base types, you can create your own type of objects and place them in the Map Editor.

Root map object:

  • Map — Map object. This type is automatically created with a new map and can't be deleted.

Basic types:

  • Basic \ CollisionVolume — This type is used to create invisible obstacles on the map.
  • Basic \ DecorativeObjectManager — This type allows you to create a large amount of objects (like grass, trees, rocks)to quickly populate your map.
  • Basic \ Fog — Fog.
  • Basic \ GeneralMapObject — For objects without special behaviour.
  • Basic \ MapCompositorManager — This type is used for setting up posteffects on the map.
  • Basic \ ParticleSystemSource — This type is used as a particle source on the map.
  • Basic \ Region — An area you place on the map (can be used as triggers).
  • Basic \ SkyBox — Sky, using a cubic texture.
  • Basic \ SkyDome — Sky, using a hemisphere.
  • Basic \ SoundSource — Sound source on the map.
  • Basic \ SpawnPoint — Spawn point for the player (or other units).
  • Basic \ StaticMesh — An object used for creating static geometry on the map.
  • Camera \ MapCamera — This type is used for setting cameras on the map.
  • Camera \ MapCameraCurve — This type allows you to create a camera path.
  • Lighting \ CubemapZone — Used to generate a cubemap texture of the environment.
  • Lighting \ CubemapZone_BoxParallaxCorrectedZone — Used to correct rendering reflections from cubemaps (CubemapZone.type).
  • Lighting \ LensFlareManager — Used to manage lens flares from the Sun light source.
  • Lighting \ Light — Light source.
  • Lighting \ StaticLightingManager — Allows you to configure and bake precalculated static lighting.
  • Lighting \ Sun — Sun light source.
  • Pathfinding \ GridBasedNavigationSystem — Pathfinding system based on a grid.
  • Pathfinding \ RecastNavigationSystem — Pathfinding system based on Navigation Mesh technology.
  • Portal System \ Occluder — Used for switching portals on and off. It's a part of the Portal System.
  • Portal System \ Portal — Portal. It's a part of the Portal System.
  • Portal System \ Zone — Zone. It's a part of the Portal System.
  • Special \ CutSceneManager — Used to create cut-scenes.
  • Special \ HelperPoint — Helper point.
  • Special \ MapChangeRegion — Trigger area that will make the player change level.
  • Special \ MapCurve — This type is used to set map paths (from point to point).
  • Special \ ObserveCameraArea — An area where the player can move the camera along a given path.
  • Special \ RenderableCurve — Allows you to create curves with any width, color and texture.
  • Terrain \ HeightmapTerrain — Heightmap-based landscape.
  • Terrain \ HeightmapTerrainManager — Heightmap-based landscape with streaming support.
  • Water Plane \ WaterPlane — This type is used for creating water surfaces.
  • Water Plane \ WaterPlaneClipVolume — Additional type for WaterPlane to control reflection's generation.

Additional types which can't be created directly in Map Editor:

  • Decal — Decals are used to render bullet holes, blood traces, explosion burns etc.
  • ItemCreator — Used to generate items.

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