Project FPTD - First Person Tower Defence

Hell Entertainment

Project FPTD is a first person tower defense game, in addition to the classic tower building you are actively participating in the battle.

Alien microbes from the planet Atom have invaded the Earth and, by infecting domestic animals, they plan to bring it down to its knees. Head scientist professor Klang hired mercenaries to defend them. They call themselves "Protector" and you are Jack Armstrong their leader. It is up to you to set up the defenses and bring waste to these evil doers.


  • FPS and Strategy build modes.
  • Various towers to build and upgrade.
  • Shop in which you can buy new weapons and upgrades.
  • Manual tower tower control.
  • Customizable tower targeting system.
  • Diverse types of infected animals - normal, unique and aggressive.
  • Challenging action packed waves.

Project FPTD v0.3.5 Trailer